A nationwide survey was conducted among different African-American communities, and they were asked about where they thought the country was heading. This is why it was found that they were quite pessimistic when it comes to the prospects that have been brought forward by the Trump administration.

The Country is on The Wrong Track

84% of the people involved in the survey said that the country is on the wrong track. This is quite a large number of people who are pessimistic about their circumstances and their future. About two-thirds of the Black community said that they were worried about the future policies of the President and how they could negatively affect the Black community.

In Comparison to Obama’s Presidency

This was the only time to which this recent survey’s findings could be matched to. To no one’s surprise, the variances were off the charts. In a 2011 poll, it was found that as many as 71% of the population int the Black community thought that they were happy with the President’s policies.

In Comparison to Bush’s Presidency

A few years earlier, a similar poll had also been conducted in the presidency of George W. Bush. In this poll, researchers had determined that about 51% of the population in the Black community thought it was a great time to be in America.

Race Relations

These huge differences in numbers are quite clear and explain the situation of the Black community nowadays. According to research conducted by the Pew Research Center, it was found that as many as 81% of the entire population thought race relations were the ‘big problem’. Compared to the 44% of who thought this was the problem back in 2009, it is quite clear that the current government has faced with improving race relations.

Other surveys have also highlighted that the Black community had already begun to get pessimistic a few months before Donald Trump got elected. President Obama had made quite a lot of breakthroughs for these relations and people believe that the current president has rolled back on everything his predecessor strived to achieve.

More than half of the people involved in the recent survey were of the opinion that they were deprived of policies that benefited them in terms of higher education, public schools and quality education and access to childcare.

Some families went even as far as saying that pessimism influenced their decision on whether they should have children in America!

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