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Cardi B released the video for for her single “Press” and to say it’s shocking would be an understatement. We’re talking lots of blood and lots of (perceived) nudity.

Hell, this video title should be “Cardi the Killer” or “Killer Cardi Strikes Again and Again!” There’s blood and tits everywhere

There’s several scenes where Cardi and her female dancers are shown naked from head to toe. Fortunately (or unfortunately), editors made sure to remove all the definition of nipples, areolas or vaginas … so everyone looks like mannequins.

Here’s more via The Blast:

The attacks by a blood thirsty Cardi start right off the bat, with the opening scene showing her in a threesome before pulling out a gun and a blacked out screen with screams in the background.

Cardi then throws on a magnificent look for court and makes sure to include the press and fans cheering her on in the background.

This specific look was very important to Cardi, who explained the white eyebrows and nails were essential to the scene and straight from her brain.

The rapper took time out to thank her glam team on IG for “taking good directions and trusting me on glam and working together to make the looks possible .I wanted these white eyebrow ,white hair look so bad !Ya work together and made it happen just how I wanted it.”

Back to the murder … another one (this time a mass murder) takes place inside the courtroom and Cardi gets arrested. She’s then thrown in a cell and proceeds to kill her cellmate by drowning her in their toilet.

Cardi is aware the video is a lot to handle because she also thanked her director for listening to her direction and making her vision come to life.

“Thank you @jorafrantzis for making my storyline come to life.I was so specific with this video I wanted to co direct with someone who can understand my vision and don’t say ITS NOT POSSIBLE for a answer,” she wrote.

Here’s some social media reaction to the ‘Press” video:

Either Cardi B’s team hates her or she already know that she’s not going to jail and is using her court publicity to promote this song and video. No one is that stupid to put out something as trashy as this video while facing jail time.
She’s a stripper. What did we expect? The video is a pornographic, violent, piece of trash just like Cardi. Yet, she won a Grammy and BET awards. It’s insane!
F I R E!!!! Hate the song but this video is everything. Outfits are beautiful, visually it’s stunning & she finally has a storyline that makes sense in her video. Song is trash tho.
Straight trash. I’m ready for Cardi’s 15 minutes of fame to be over.
Cardi has some likeableness to her which is what made her famous but she is a very wicked, wicked woman. What was the point of that nasty opening scene? She had no issue selling her self out AT ALL. I’m always disturbed by her videos…they’re always so dang dark. And it’s not smart to do all this when she’s in very serious legal trouble…but im sure she’ll get away this video just like how she gets away with everything else.SMH.
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