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Ron Goldman’s sister is reacting to news that O.J. Simpson has joined Twitter.

Last week marked the 25th anniversary of Nicole Brown and Goldman’s murders.

O.J. recently shared in a new interview that he nor his children want to recall that tragic June 12, 1994 night – when Nicole and Ronald were killed and the beloved Pro Football Hall of Fame hero became a murder suspect.

Simpson has maintained a low profile since his release from prison in October 2017 after serving nine years for a robbery-kidnapping conviction in Las Vegas.

“It is hard. He is living a very large life, he is revered in Las Vegas, and now to see the response he is getting on Twitter, it is hard,” Kim Goldman told “Good Morning America” Monday.

Two days after the 25th anniversary of the murders, O.J. Simpson officially joined the social network and posted his first tweet. In the video, he makes clear that his account is the real deal and all others out there are fake.

During an appearance on GMA with her father Fred last Wednesday, Kim recalled how she almost tried to kill O.J. in revenge — by running him over.

“It was a couple of years after the verdict I saw him walking across the parking lot, or what I believed was him. I was by myself in my car,” she recalled, remembering how she recognized Simpson’s distinctive walk, Too Fab reports. “I saw that gait, that natural gait that I’d been following for so many years.”

“I revved the engine and gripped the steering wheel thinking I could take him out right here and nobody would know,” she revealed. But added, “I would never do that to my dad. That’s not me. It was just a fleeting moment. But it happened for sure.”

Simpson was acquitted of Ron and Nicole’s murders after a year-long criminal trial. He was subsequently ordered to pay a $33.5million settlement in a civil case, most of which remains unpaid.

Kim, meanwhile, has launched a new podcast re-examining the murder case, called “Confronting O.J. Simpson“. In the ten episode series, she reportedly interviews several of the jurors who she claims confirmed a long-held theory that the jury planned to exonerate O.J. from the start of the trail.

“They pulled testimony just to cover up that they already knew what their answer was,” she told GMA host Robin Roberts. “They went into that jury room and they wasted our time for three-and-a-half hours, just making up fake deliberations so that they could look better.”

“Pretend like they were doing their job,” Fred Goldman nodded.

“Their mind was already made up and the three-and-a-half hours was just a cover up,” she added.

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