Now a completely free man in 2022, O.J. Simpson has managed to leverage the notoriety from his infamous 1995 trial to garner buzz in the digital era. His second act may be as a viral TikTok star though after the spread of a prank video that made him look like he was seeing a blonde-haired ghost. 

O. J. Simpson, 74-year-old former football hero, actor, acquitted California murder defendant and convicted Las Vegas armed robber, was granted good behavior credits and discharged from parole effective Dec. 1.

A video that recently went viral on TikTok shows OJ Simpson grinning in the selfie video of a TikTokker and eventually moving in for a kiss, only to be curved hard before the clip abruptly ends.

Caitlyn Jenner is currently starring in the Australian TV show 'Big Brother VIP,' and during a recent episode, Jenner claimed  O.J. Simpson threatened to murder his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and bragged that he would get away with it.

O.J. Simpson took to video Thursday with thoughts about the death of F. Lee Bailey, the famed attorney who was part of his legal “Dream Team” alongside Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, Robert Kardashian and more in his 1995 double murder trial.

O.J. Simpson says he’ll “go crazy” in self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic, so he is pleading with golf courses nationwide to stay open, despite government officials taking steps to limit person-to-person contact. “You don’t really get that close to one another on a golf course,” Simpson said. “And, I think for some of the older guys that […]

Today in 1995 the verdict was announced in the OJ Simpson murder trial. Chris Paul has a song all about it “once upon a time out in L.A” A 911 call came from OJ’s house and cops found his wife and her best friend dead. From there OJ was in for a wild ride. Including […]

O.J. Simpson hasn’t been on Twitter for more than a week and he’s already being accused of sending threatening messages to a parody account named @KillerOJSimpson. The DailyMail reports that on Sunday, seven direct messages were reportedly sent from Simpson’s social media profile, @TheRealOJ32, to @KillerOJSimpson, an account that mocks the Football Hall of Famer. Simpson reportedly […]

Ron Goldman’s sister is reacting to news that O.J. Simpson has joined Twitter. Last week marked the 25th anniversary of Nicole Brown and Goldman’s murders. O.J. recently shared in a new interview that he nor his children want to recall that tragic June 12, 1994 night – when Nicole and Ronald were killed and the beloved Pro Football Hall of […]

O.J. Simpson offered his congratulations to Khloe Kardashian about her pregnancy, while simultaneously appearing to deny the constant rumors that he is the reality star’s biological father. The 70-year-old, released from prison in Oct. 2017, was stopped by paps in Vegas over the weekend and told, “Congratulations are in order,” to which Simpson replied, “For […]

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Officials at a remote Nevada prison where O.J. Simpson was set free early Sunday after nine years for armed robbery arranged the former football and Hollywood star’s dead-of-night departure to avoid public scrutiny. It worked. Simpson signed release paperwork just before midnight and disappeared into the darkness minutes into the first […]

Once news spread of the former football star's release the internet could not deal.