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Kenya Moore visited “The Real” last week to promote her Kenya Moore hair care line and dish about the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The moment was also the TV debut of her baby girl, Brooklyn Daly.

Moore wasted no time addressing whether she’s in talks to return to the Bravo show. Although she did not confirm if her comeback was definite, her comments led fans to easily assume that it is, Celebrity Insider reports.

Meanwhile, as noted by the IBI Times, when co-host Adrienne Bailon asked Kenya if she has been in talks with show producers to return to the reality series. “I would say there’s some truth to that,” Moore replied, but did not confirm whether her return was guaranteed.

Moore recently opened up on why she left in the hit reality series in the first place.

“Things just didn’t come together for me the way that they should. I decided to take my time, and just do what I wanted to do, which was to focus on my family. I am so happy I did. I am so happy nothing happened to my baby, and she was protected. The outcome is that she’s such a happy baby, and that is all I could’ve ever dreamed of.”

During her appearance on “The Real,” Kenya commented on reports that RHOA star Nene Leakes will receive a nearly $3 million pay raise to return for season 12. But Moore ain’t buying it.

“I’m not asking for enough then. I got a baby I need some money. I can’t say if that’s true or not it doesn’t sound true to me. But she is making that kind of money, then I would love her to cut that check for a school she promised.”

Meanwhile, Leakes curbed several cast members following the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Season 11 reunion over the closet incident during her “Bye, Wig” party and her fury over Moore being invited to Cynthia Bailey’s event.

NeNe Leakes Calls Rumors About Separation From Gregg Leakes ‘Fake News’
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17 thoughts on “Kenya Moore Doesn’t Believe Nene Leakes Will Bag $3M For ‘RHOA’ Season 12

  1. Robert E Crouch on said:

    I think Kenya is a great addition to this franchise. Kenya is beautiful, smart and above all, a great and loving person. Your bany is as beautiful as her mom.

  2. Teresa Persley on said:

    Kenya stop hating it’s obvious u can’t do anything else that’s why u begged too be back on, all u do is start shit.

  3. Camryn on said:

    Why does it matter to Kenya , focus on enjoying motherhood with that beautiful little baby and be thankful you got re-hired for the upcoming season, applying energy to Nene at this point proves you are still in a bad place and ready to come blazing for her . The reason I always side with Nene is because she fights her own battles 1against 5 , the others ladies continue to need allies and that makes me sick.

  4. Sayitasiseeit on said:

    Jam as of now no longer watching the Atlanta show. I can’t stand Nene and 100,000. Is too much for that man. Forget it I can’t stand her …I’m done and I’m not watching WWHL any more. I’m sick of Andy’s political views he should keep them to himself. Done done done. And Vicky should still be a part of HER should !

  5. Shalena on said:

    We watch this garbage,the same way y’all white folks watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or any other garbage white ppl watch period for the entertainment.

  6. Amanda on said:

    What color are you and why you think only black people watch it Bravo has a lot of housewives reality shows ok

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