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Cardi B is being sued by a blogger who claims the rapper lied about her on social media, which lead to death threats from her rabid fans.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Latasha K has hit the Bronx rapper with a $1million lawsuit in federal court, and it comes two months after Cardi sued her for defamation.

We previously reported that Cardi filed a slander lawsuit against popular vloggers Latasha K and Starmarie Ebony Jones for claiming in a slew of YouTube videos that the hip-hop star is a drug-using prostitute with herpes.


Cardi called out Latasha for the comments in late 2018 and warned that she was going to sue her:

“I’m gonna sue you for defamation of character because I let that b***h play and talk shit about me, but when you talk shit about my daughter …” she said on Instagram Live. “B***h you a whole f**king weirdo. A b**h that’s 40 years old and pregnant too, and then all you can do is talk s**t about me, ho. F**k outta here.”

A process-server who recently attempted to deliver a notice of legal action to Tasha was threatened by the media personality, TMZ reported. She then addressed the situation on her Instagram page, writing: “@iamcardib that’s what happens when I come home with my family at midnight and there’s a fat white guy going through my mailbox as we pull-up. This is gonna be fun. I’m starting to think that Cardi “will do anything for clout!”

Prior to hitting Tasha K with a suit, Cardi allegedly reached out to her privately and asked that she remove the videos. The Grammy-winning artist also declined the celebrity blogger’s request do an interview to clear the air.

In response, Latasha claims, “Cardi B began to publicly defame Ms. Kebe, referring to her as ‘this blogger lady, by stating that Ms. Kebe makes up fake stories; harasses all of Cardi B’s friends; constantly stalks Cardi B; falsely claims that she has legitimate sources giving her information about Cardi B; uses Cardi B’s name for ‘click bait’; and many other false accusations.”


via The Blast:

Latasha K says she has received threats — including “gang-related threats” — as a result and has had to permanently relocate her residence. She also claims to be losing money from her business by losing subscribers and advertisers.

She says she is pregnant and suffering severe emotional distress, anxiety, panic, stress, insomnia, humiliation, and depression.

Latasha is seeking in excess of a million in damages.

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