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Dennis Rodman has denied allegations he was involved in robbery at a yoga studio.

TMZ caught up with the former NBA forward, who insists “We didn’t steal s–t!”

As we previously reported, the owners of VIBES Hot Yoga in Newport Beach, California, say Rodman served as a distraction while his accomplices jacked over $500 in clothing, TMZ Sports reported.

Surveillance video from inside the store captured the bazaar heist, which shows Rodman with 3 companions — 2 women and 1 man. One of the women puts clothing in her purse while a man drops and shatters a $2,500 crystal before taking it out of the shop on a dolly, the report states.

The owner says Dennis distracted employees while one of the women began stuffing clothing into her purse. At one point, she hides behind Rodman to conceal the act.

Scroll up and watch the scene play out via the clip above.

But Dennis said the yoga studio staff asked the group to move the crystal art piece. In exchange, he claims the employees allowed him and his companions to take items from the store as gifts.

Hear Rodman tell it via the clip below (warning: video contains profanity):

As TMZ Sports noted, “Rodman never explains why his female companion tried to shield herself from view while stuffing shirts into her purse at the store…or why the staff needed help moving the crystal in the first place.”

Rodman is still on probation from a Jan. 2018 drunk driving incident — but he tells TMZ Sports that he’s not worried about violating any of the terms/rules. He also denied the studio owner’s allegations that he and his crew smelled of alcohol.

Rodman believes the studio is trying to shake him down for publicity because the company is having financial issues.

Meanwhile, the owner has filed a police report with Newport Beach Police Department and an active investigation is reportedly underway.

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