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As crazy as it sounds to still be saying someone is the first Black person to do something in 2019, it’s reality. This year for the first time there’s a Black woman nominated for a Tony Award in the musical category. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Domonique Morisseau, the playwright behind the Temptations musical “Ain’t Too Proud.”

Morisseau is up for not one but 12 Tony awards this year and says “it’s still setting in,” especially because this is her Broadway debut. According to Morisseau this musical is different from the Temptations movie and book because, this is the first time the story is being told by Otis Williams.

Williams is the last living member of the Temptations and Morisseau feels that he was “more honest and open” than he’s ever been.

She says the Musical will run as long as people are still coming to see it!