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Dan Gasby, the husband of famed restaurateur B. Smith, believes race plays a role in the backlash he received after revealing his relationship with another woman while caring for his ailing wife.

Gasby, 64, revealed in December that he and Alex Lerner, 53, who is white, were in a romantic relationship and caring for his wife who has Alzheimer’s disease.

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News of the peculiar dynamic sparked outrage from B. Smith fans.

Dan and Alex sat down with Al Roker in a new interview for the TODAY show and he blamed his lover’s race for the backlash and death threats he has received.

“The 800-pound gorilla in this situation is she’s white. I’m not supposed to be conscripted to somebody because of their race,” he tells Roker.

When asked why he felt to need to go public with the relationship, Gasby said: “Because that’s what Barbara [B. Smith] asked me to do, to talk about it. It spun out of control to ‘I’m having an affair. This woman, because of who she is, is taking B’s money. We’re abusing B. B wouldn’t want this.’ These people have never even talked to B.”

Gasby also appeared on The View with Lerner in the audience to talk to Sonny Hostin, who knew both Gasby and Smith before Smith’s decline into Alzheimer’s. Hostin’s family took  care of her grandmother when her grandmother was suffering from Alzheimer’s and she has been critical of Gasby.

Meanwhile, ABC7 anchorman Paul Wharton, a close friend of B. Smith and her husband, has had enough of Gasby selling their story. So he appeared on ABC’s Good Morning Washington on Wednesday and spilled the juiciest of tea of about Dan and his mistress.

Per SandraRose:

Wharton, who has known Smith for many years, shared exclusive video he recorded at a pool party in the Hamptons last year.The video shows Gasby and Lerner making out in the pool in the background. Wharton says he was unaware Gasby and Lerner were a romantic couple.“I’m thinking that they just came as friends,” said Wharton, who admits he low-key recorded the pair cavorting in the pool without their knowledge.

Wharton said “all bets were off” after Gasby sold his and Smith’s story to PEOPLE magazine.

He described an incident he witnessed in Smith’s home when Lerner “chastised” Smith by smacking her hand.

“And I grabbed Alex’s hand, and I said, ‘Alex, you know you really can’t do that,’” Wharton recalled.

Wharton also said he saw Lerner “slap the heck out of Dan” after he said that Smith was the kindest, sweetest woman he’d ever met.

Wharton quoted Lerner saying, “I’m sitting here, and you’re saying that B is the kindest, sweetest woman you ever met?”

Wharton said he reminded Lerner that Smith is still Gasby’s wife.

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48 thoughts on “Dan Gasby Says That Race Played A Role In Online Criticism Of Girlfriend

  1. Ok sold their home and got a bigger home with who MONEY and as soon as he got that home she stop seeing the man she was with and got with him and I don’t care who he date I just think it’s disrespectful to have your new women taking care of your sick wife.

  2. GTFOH!! Black men look for the easy way out by being with a white woman. Guess they forgot the past. But they will remember when she does him like he did his wife.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      So Mac Daddy/Jhuff you’re a woman now? But then again you keep enough trump balls in your mouth so I’m not surprised.

    • GTFOH!! Black men look for the easy way out by being with a white woman. Guess they forgot the past. But they will remember when she does him like he did his wife.

  3. Race didn’t play a part, that Becky and ignorance played a part. Saw the video and that Becky told him he needs to tell the public about her. He even sold his house or should I say the wife home and bought a larger home in the Hampton.
    She was fooling around with another black restaurant owner before she met him, this Becky seeks out old negro fools with money and she reel him in with her mouth.

  4. pac4me on said:

    Okay Dan! Enough of this nonsense -You think only race is the cause of our uproar? I thought you & B had such a wonderful loving relationship – the joke is on all of us. How do you go from loving someone so much to disrespecting them while they don’t have a clue about what’s going on. You could have had your woman (white, black, brown or yellow) by being discreet about it. Plus she is a sorry excuse for a woman to move in with her lover and still wife. Moving her in to take care of B! Please, yea right – you could have hired the best of the best for that. Damn you

    • Agreed. Why bring in this woman. If she is not a registered nurse that handles this type of illness, then she needed to remain outside of the home. Believe me, this harlot is taking notes and keeping track of everything that she is doing and the moment he tries to breakup with her she is going to court and take everything and more. He will get just what he deserves.

  5. Gasby, let say you and B. had the conversation and she told you to continue on with your life. I doubt that B. told you to move your women in so that she can be abused by her. Get real, no one feels SORRY for you.

  6. If she was black, you would have got the same treatment (her being white dont help it). but you still would get the same reaction.

  7. Gasby is the one that have lose his mind. His girlfriend being white is not the issue, it’s the DISRESPECT he is displaying toward his WIFE. Since, Gasby wants to move on with his life, he should get another place for him and his girlfriend to shack-up, either way you look at this situation it is WRONG and for that SKUNK to hit on B. is totally off limits Gasby needs to get another caregiver for B.

  8. Veronica Dabney on said:

    Is Joe Madison still defending Gasby and hanging up on people who disagree? Just wondering. I’ve stopped listening.

  9. Autumn on said:

    Leslie- Okay and it’s disrespectful to his wife and it’s adulterous..I guess you see nothing wrong with it. Your whorish ways are evident.

  10. Sharon on said:

    Listening to his interview I hear him saying that we had a discussion about the girlfriend moving in we discussed this and we discuss that but I also hear him saying she has a mind of a five-year-old because of the Alzheimer’s so what point did they discuss any of this truth of the matter is it is all so disrespectful to Miss B Smith even if you needed your side piece to move in with you because it made you feel better why is everybody have to know that this is your living Arrangement why didn’t we just know about how Miss B Smith was doing.

  11. P Black on said:

    Race is not the issue. The vows he took for better or worse are the issue. This seems straight out of a horror movie like Whatever happened to Baby Jane or something. People always quick to ask for a prenuptial but never talk about securing themselves in the case of dementia or health reasons. She should have put it in writing who would take care of her in this event and also how they would do it. He is very messy and if he really cared for her he couldn’t carry on like this in front of her. The statements Wharton makes about the jealousy this woman has displayed is enough for concern and it is also shows how you can’t have two women in the house without there being issues.

  12. Carliece Hart-Urena on said:

    He’s a disgraceful and despicable person to do that to his wife!!!! There’s no way in hell he should bring another woman in her home I don’t care what color that disrespectful woman is, all she’s looking for is a dollar! No such thing as to death to us part for him, capitalizing on her fame trying to get paid. Good sees and hears all.

    • Christianforreal on said:

      You are so right.I just listened to the interview he did with the ladies on the view and one of those woman brought up the race thing. Are they all that stupid? Do they really think that by making it a racial issue it justifies what he’s doing? I can’t imagine. And there are many who have been there and DID NOT do that!! I have more respect for the man who left his wife, which is none, than I do for Dan!!!

  13. Christianforreal on said:

    He is a loser and has the NERVE to try to excuse himself by playing the race card. Really??? NO ONE cares that she is white. That is not the issue. She has NO BUSINESS being in that house with him AND HIS WIFE!!!! If he is determined to take care of his wife as she deals with this illness, and he needs help then get a nurse or even a relative that can stay with her. But with whom does he sleep? How can he have quality time with his wife with his jealous girlfriend around? Oh Bee won’t know, nor care when he leaves her alone to be intimate with the girlfriend. He is going around from talk show to talk show because his guilt is eating him up and he’s seeking someone to join his band wagon and help him to justify this sinfulness. Even if one isn’t spiritual and see the sin before God, they still see that what he’s doing isn’t morally right and He and only He put it out there for the world to see and critique!!!!

  14. Alma Sanders on said:

    The Women is wrong, call adult protective service, he using her name 26 year, Then he talk about people talking about this he put it out there on TV with this women hell wait

  15. Passing Through!! on said:

    The white powered press is giving Gasby a platform to degenerate black men, to confirm the stereotype that black men ain’t ish, a black man would dog his ailing black queen to be on a white woman’s leash. He’s not saving face by making t.v. rounds defending the undefendable. And Yes, this would still be wrong if his side chick was black, but the only difference is we would never hear about it, he wouldn’t be invited to appear on the Today show or the View because they would have no interest in him dogging a black woman for another black woman. But since this unconscious negro has fallen victim to the white man’s poison the mainstream talk show circut is absolutely loving it, tearing down black love, degrading black males, that’s right keep talking dummy tightening that noose. The media is always willing to give a black person a rope to lynch themselves.

    • Oh please leave your bean pies and Final Call at the door. The media cares of about money…all that matters is money. The media reports all levels of depravity all day long because its gets them consumers! If he brought a black woman, an Asian woman or a giraffe in a dress and a wig; the media would still jump on it because they know that people are so more invested in the lives of rich people who they will never meet in life than their own lives. AND the media wouldn’t have been able to report something if there was nothing to report???? I’ll let you go back to your victim wallowing.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        @Africoon Woman

        And you can leave your white man d**k sucking at the front door because as usual I could care less wtf you think!

  16. Vay Bell on said:

    Why is he making the talk show circuit? To make himself look better? To me it doesn’t matter what color she is. If he want the woman, I am sure B. Smith has enough for ongoing care. No, they are hanging on for the money. Not saying he doesn’t have any, but if you want the woman, go be with her. And he says people haven’t walked in his shoes…please. Had several family members with this disease. My uncle cared for his wife to the end. Women wanted him but he took care of her…He trifling, she trifling and his daughter trifling too.

  17. I agree with you all. Gasby is very disrespectful and immature (whiny). It would serve his best interests to STHU and stop doing all of the interviews. Each one makes him look worse and more despicable.

  18. Lynnette on said:

    There’s no respect in being with a married man while he’s still with his wife. He’s not respecting the side chick or his wife, or his self. He’s selfish.

  19. ladydayforever on said:

    I kept waiting for Dan Gasby to give his reason for moving in his girlfriend while his wife suffers. Unfortunately he never could get it together enough on The View to give a honest answer. He had the nerve to say how her body looked in a bikini, uh? and how low her blood pressure was.
    wtf is wrong with him. Guilt and lies will surface when you least expect it to. The girlfriend looked guilty too. Don’t believe B gave him a pass to move his girlfriend in. And if he was protecting B so well, how did she get out of the house and walk down the street to get in cars with “black men” because B thought it was her husband. Nobody thinks this situation is right. Husband should get professional help for his wife, girlfriend should move the f out. Very disrespectful black man.

    • Omg! I agree 1000% with you! Her “husband” could never answer the question if B gave you consent to have an adulterous affair in her home! I care for my father who has Alzheimer’s and have been the last 8-10 years and it is no way, in her right mind she gave him consent! But God will be the judge! He has the final word!

      • alphareply: God? Has the final word on what? Is this the same god that people proclaim is in control of everything? If so then this is the same god that allowed BSmith to get Alzhemers to begin with? And the same god that doesn’t do something as simple as making sure women have a partner, lover, husband? If so he doesn’t sound very loving, and in control of everything to me. But if you believers believe…..then that’s on you

  20. Arthur Kimble on said:

    This doesn’t have anything to do with race. It doesn’t matter if the woman is white, black, or green. You could have easily found someone else to help care for your wife. You are disrespecting your wife bottom line. No if and’s, or but’s about it. Case closed.

  21. Imosoreal on said:

    Who cares about his side piece’s race. He is being disrespectful to his living wife. I wish I were her daughter or even a distant relative. She has no one to stand up for her.

  22. Passing Through!! on said:

    Dan Gasby has been on The View, Today Show and in People Magazine the even bigger story behind this freak show is the subliminal message this story is putting on the world stage, a black man dogging his dying wife for his white bed wench. And sadly this coon is too stupid, self-centered, arrogant and greedy to see the truth in how the media is playing him and using his lust for a white woman to destroy black love. A black man frolicking around in public with a white woman spending his black dying wife’s money, yes race is a factor stupid.

  23. BSmith’s husband is a dirty dog for what he is doing! And trying to justify it for whatever reason is outrageous!! He will never have any good luck for what he’s doing.

    • Not that they care because they don’t but I agree with you 1000% especially the part “He will never have any good luck for what he’s doing”. You can’t expect God to bless you and doing dumb s— to people at the same time, it doesn’t work that way!

  24. I for one don’t care if she is White if she was Black I would say it’s disrespectful and he should be a shame of himself. Even if his wife did tell him to do it how would we know she don’t remember anything she say now. And if I was that women I would not want to stay in his home with his wife how could I live with myself. Do B have any kids or family that could say something about this. He is just wrong period.

  25. Ted Gravely on said:

    “When asked why he felt to need to go public with the relationship, Gasby said: “Because that’s what Barbara [B. Smith] asked me to do, to talk about it.” xxxxxxx Now that Ninja knows B. isnt in a position to confirm or deny that statement. So he thinks people would have embraced his adultery and moving another woman in the home if she would have been black? More phoniness from an idiot. How many times has a cheating man or woman and his side piece been dragged? Alicia Keys whom is loved for her music was stomped. Let’s see….DWade and his “break baby.” So it ain’t just that she’s a white gorilla – fool it’s because you are disrespecting the woman that loved you until she couldn’t.

  26. Gasby knows what he is doing is wrong, otherwise he wouldn’t spend so much time trying to justify his actions. Don’t try to bring race into this – it’s the fact that you are totally disrespecting your wife who isn’t DEAD yet!

  27. The 800lb gorilla is the disrespect being shown for your living wife while in her home what kind of man would do this and try to convince the rest of the world this is alright? Better or worse sickness and health till death do us part. No in between you wrong D and hell has a special seat for you. And no matter what race a trifling woman come in all races!

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