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Dan Gasby, the husband of famed restaurateur B.Smith have co-written Before I Forget,  an incredible new book that chronicles the life of the legendary publisher and former model as she suffers from Alzheimer’s and the journey her husband shares as her caregiver.


“She’s in the mid-stage. It’s a challenge. When you were married to a person who could do everything and now she had to work to do things, it’s a challenge. Physically from the eyebrows down, she’s in world-class shape, but she has this disease,” Gasby said.

The biggest misconception of those who suffer with Alzheimer’s:

“It goes back to the people who are the closest, when the person does something out of the normal, they create a situation that depresses them further or confuses them. The other is that they’re crazy. It’s not psychological.”

The signs he saw early on:

“We were doing the Today Show and she froze for like seven or eight seconds. This is someone we call a one take Barbie, so to see her freeze on national television, we went WTF on that. Another thing was she left my wallet on the roof of my car and then she left the sunroof opened while it was raining.”

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