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CHICAGO (AP) — Detectives have reviewed surveillance footage of “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett walking to a downtown Chicago apartment after an early-morning visit to a Subway restaurant, but none of it showed the alleged attack on the actor, a police official said Wednesday.

Investigators “for the most part” can confirm the route Smollett took early Tuesday when he says he was attacked by two masked men along a street in the Streeterville neighborhood, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. However, there are gaps and none of the footage police have reviewed shows the alleged attack, he said.

Smollett, who is black and gay and who plays the gay character Jamal Lyon on the hit Fox television show, said the men beat him, subjected him to racist and homophobic insults, threw an “unknown chemical substance” on him and put a thin rope around his neck before fleeing.

Guglielmi said detectives who are investigating the allegations as a possible hate crime, have looked at hundreds of hours of surveillance video from businesses and hotels in the heavily monitored area. But he said they still need to collect and view more. He said they are expanding the search to include footage from public buses and buildings beyond the crime scene’s immediate vicinity in the hopes of spotting the men who match Mollett’s description of the suspects.

“We haven’t seen anybody, at this point, matching the description he gave, nobody looks menacing and we didn’t find a container anywhere,” Guglielmi said, referring to a container for the liquid that was thrown at the actor.

Smollett, 36, returned to his apartment after the alleged attack and his manager called police from the apartment about 40 minutes later, Guglielmi said. When officers arrived, the actor had cuts and scrapes on his face and the “thin rope” around his neck that he said had been put there by his assailant, he said. Mollett later went to Northwestern Memorial Hospital after police advised him to do so.

The FBI is investigating a threatening letter targeting Smollett that was sent last week to the Fox studio in Chicago where “Empire” is filmed, Guglelmi said. The FBI did not immediately return a call seeking comment Wednesday, but Rep. Bobby Rush, a Democratic congressman from Chicago, issued a statement calling on the agency to conduct “an immediate and sweeping civil rights investigation into the racist and homophobic attack.”

In addition to his acting career, Smollett has a musical career and is a noted activist, particularly on LBGTQ issues.

The alleged attack sparked outrage and a flood of support for Smollett on social media. Among the many celebrities and politicians who weighed in was California Sen. Kamala Harris, a 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful, who called the attack on the actor she knows personally “outrageous” and “awful.”

Some of the outrage stems from Smollett’s account to detectives that his attackers yelled that he was in “MAGA country,” an apparent reference to the Trump campaign’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, which some critics of the president have decried as racist and discriminatory.

Chicago has one of the most sophisticated and extensive video surveillance systems in the U.S., with thousands of cameras on street poles, skyscrapers, buses and in train tunnels.

Police say the cameras have helped them make thousands of arrests. In one of the most famous examples of the police department’s use of the cameras, investigators in 2009 were able to recreate a school board president’s 20-minute drive through the city, singling out his car on a succession of surveillance cameras to help them determine that he committed suicide and had not been followed and killed by someone else, as his friends speculated.


7 thoughts on “No Footage Yet Of Alleged Attack On ‘Empire’ Actor

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      How many false claims has your president made while in office, how many times has 45 obstructed justice without being Impeached. He’s gotten away with way more shyt than President Obama could have ever done. Had a black man shut the government down for over a month with 800,000 people out work you racist would burn this MF to the ground, must be white privilege.

      • Mrknowitall on said:

        The government shutdown because the CBC also know as the House negros still carry water on their heads for their white masters. Elvira Pelosi & the privileged white patriarchy, Chucky, because they crack the whip. The House negros won’t stand up to miss Elvira & the privileged white patriarchy. Stay scared

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        The government shut down because the MEGA KKKlan known as the trumpanzee peckwoods elected a racist who’s too f-ing stupid to govern and takes advice and council from fox news and Ann Coulter that’s why he stay losing and the losers keep following…carry on.
        -No Wall
        -Mexico didn’t pay
        -Didn’t stop Obama Care
        -Travel ban blocked
        -30 something arrest/indictments
        -Lost the House
        -Lost a senate seat in Alabama
        -Hilary not in prison
        -President Obama not in prison
        -Mueller investigation..still on!

    • Phoenix Rising on said:

      According to the The DSM 5, 45’s compulsive lying is called “pseudologia fantastica and mythomania”, and his supporters have Cerebrum Feces, which means, “shit for brains”

  1. Since I am an avid fan of Jussie and his role on Empire as Jamal–I wish him a speedy recovery from his injuries.

    And if he may need to speak with a therapist to deal with his emotions regarding the GAY BASHNG, so be it. Just get better both physically and mentally my brotha!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why is it an “alleged” attack?
    Most major cities have street cameras as well as many businesses.
    Hopefully, Chicago PD will be able to discover the footage of the UGLY attack.

    WHITE SUPREMACY is at the root of both RACISM and HOMOPHOBIA in this fucking country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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