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A University of Georgia graduate student is receiving criticism after writing racially charged statements on Facebook.

Irami Osei-Frampong is a philosophy graduate student employed by the university as a teacher’s assistant.

He speaks frequently about race and equality, but some believe he crossed the line when he made a post online that stated, “Some white people may have to die for Black communities to be made whole.”

Another post said: “Fighting white people is a skill.”

he teaching assistant told Channel 2 that he’s confused by the backlash.

“I’m confused why that is so controversial,” Osei-Frampong said.

On Tuesday morning he appeared on a local radio station and insisted that he is not calling for violence,  but believes it should remain an option.

“It’s just a fact of history that racial justice often comes at the cost of white life,” Osei-Frampong said. “I didn’t advocate for violence. I was just honest of racial progress.”

University leaders are reportedly consulting with the attorney general on what actions they can take, but Osei-Frampong said he’s standing firm and not backing down.

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