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Rob Kardashian claims Blac Chyna was so horrible and dangerous during their breakup that he had to hire security specifically to protect himself from her.

According to The Blast, Kardashian filed a response to his baby mama in his lawsuit against her saying she cost him over $100,000, including the extra security guards.

Chyna claims the cost of any alleged damages she caused to his property is about $5,000. But Kardashian says he has the receipts to prove otherwise.

He claims that the damage caused by her “violent attack” was more than $17,000 to “repair/and or replace only part of the property” Chyna destroyed.

He reportedly adds, “Plaintiff also incurred substantial costs in changing locks and hiring security to deter additional violent attacks on his person and property.”

Kardashian argues he is entitled to recover those costs from his baby mama over her “malicious attack on him.” He points out she is seeking hundreds of thousands in her separate lawsuit against him.

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