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Days after OWN’s drama “Love Is_” was cancelled, Salim Akil’s accuser and former mistress Amber Dixon Brenner is finally speaking out. And it gets real.

Brenner, a screenwriter and actress, recently told Deadline that Mara Brock-Akil, Salim’s wife and show co-creator, was fully aware of her husband’s 10-year affair with Brenner.

Also, Brenner admitted that what prompted her to go public was seeing Mara speaking out in support for the #MeToo movement, meanwhile her own husband was violent towards women.

“It started when Mara was on the cover of some magazine and she stood along with other women in the industry talking about #MeToo or Time’s Up. I read it and I was appalled and I felt disregarded and that the issues from the relationship that in the past I had tried to resolve or discuss regarding violence she was very silent about. Like not responding to texts earlier on in the relationship.”

She also states that she emailed the Girlfriends creator to talk about the issue as well.

“I wrote her an email saying how is it that you come forward now when in your private life you knew that your husband had a habit of hitting me? The letter I wrote was very thorough. I said I came to know it as reflective of the definition of abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and the abuse of power also based upon their stature in the industry and otherwise.”

When asked about her thoughts on OWN canceling the show, she stated that they “did the right thing” by axing the show after her lawsuit against him became public.

“I did feel a sense of this is the right thing, this is correct response from the OWN network. This is a correct response to Salim and Mara and it felt like a bit of an acknowledgment of what I had gone through.”

Yet she added that the entire situation is “terrible.”

“Look, it’s a sad situation. It’s a terrible situation that I was ever in the predicament of having to call him out and her out. It’s tragic to me that these things ever happened. It’s tragic to me that my work was stolen and then misappropriated to their supposed love story.

Finally, when asked why she filed the lawsuit, Brenner stressed she had to in order to live her truth.

“I got to a point where I could no longer live with myself and be the mother I wanted to be, be the Amber I always dreamed of being if I tolerated the history of the abuse…I could not walk with my head up.”

As we previously reported, despite being renewed earlier this summer for a second season, OWN reps announced on Wednesday (Dec. 19) that they were cancelling the show.

“OWN has decided not to move forward with the second season of Love Is __,” a network spokesperson said.

The popular drama was based on how the Akil’s met in the 90s and fell in love.

The cancellation came weeks after Brenner’s lawsuit against Akil came public. In it, she accused him of of domestic violence and breach. Papers that Brenner filed on November 20, 2018, claim she had a lengthy “physically and sexually abusive relationship” with Akil that occurred during his marriage to Mara.

Brenner is also suing the “Black Lightening” co-creator for breach of contract accusing Akil of taking her 2015 script “Luv & Perversity in the East Village”about their relationship and using part of that script for his OWN show Love Is without her consent, knowledge and compensation.

Last month, Jezebel reported that Brenner’s lawsuit paints a disturbing picture of Akil and their relationship, which included the following:

  • Multiple claims of physical and sexual abuse i.e. forcing her to perform oral sex on him which ended with him urinating in her mouth.
  • Outside his house on Martha’s Vineyard, she alleges that “he proceeded to stick three fingers up her anus and started lecturing her.”
  • Multiple instances of him slapping and strangling her during sex.
  • Him taking sexual pictures of her without her consent.
  • Bouts of verbal abuse threatening that if she ever got pregnant he would dispose of her in a desert if and said if they were married and she cheated on him, “he would stick her hand in a hot skillet of grease.”

No word on whether the CW will cancel the Akil’s other show “Black Lightening.”

Read Brenner’s interview with Deadline in its entirety here.

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23 thoughts on “Salim Akil’s Abuse Accuser And Former Mistress Speaks Out: ‘Yes, Mara Was Aware Of Our Affair’

  1. Kimberly Sudberry on said:

    I’m fairly certain that in Hollywood it was known that Salim was doing this not only to Amber, but others as well. When you have someone like Akil who as we seen on Love Is___ be domineering, it doesn;t just stop. He is controlling with Mara as well. In light of the #MeToo Movement OWN is not going to associate with ANYONE who may have been inappropriate in their past or currently.Both women, Mara and Amber have been abused by Salim.

    • If you knew Mara you would know how wrong you are. If Salim’s behavior is so well know in hollywood circles why would Oprah agree to work with them in the first place? Also, where are the other victims? If he has a history then surely there are others right? It’s safe to say that you’ve don’t know what you’re talking about.

  2. Money JEALOUSY & Vengeance!! She wants money and i’m beyond pissed that OWN cancelled this show over allegations. This chick is way out of pocket contacting Mara. She’s sleeping with her husband for years and now wants to play the victim? She’s been trying to meet with Mara & Salim for what? She wants MONEY that’s why. She wanted to meet with OWN why? TO GET MONEY! She came with the bullsh%t copyright lawsuit and must have been told that she was going to lose because she filed another lawsuit with these bs abuse allegations and promptly dropped the copyright lawsuit. She’s been doing this kinky ish with this man for years and never got put on in the industry. She saw Love Is and the success of the show and got jealous and here we are. How the heck can she hold her head up around her kids with them knowing she was leaving them over years to go licking walls, get three fingers in her butt, and pissed on by a married man???!!! Bit$h BYE!

  3. Brenner needs to get real, states she was in an abusive relationship with a married man for ten years and now she wants to be compensated. Brenner, who twisted your arm and demanded that you sleep with a married man and stay with him for the long haul. Brenner, you need a good A__ whopping!!!!!!!!

  4. Kam J Steele on said:

    Not saying she deserved to be abused…….if she was…….BUT………she knew the man was married (strike one), yet you decided to have an affair with him anyway (strike two), and continue the affair for TEN LONG YEARS (strike three). Now, for whatever reason you want to turn around and blame the man’s “wife” for your foolishness (strike four), and claimed that you called his wife to tell her that he was abusing you (strike five), and you want us to believe that all of a sudden you got a conscience and are concerned “I can’t be the mother I should”?????. Lady that ship sailed the moment your behind slept with the married man (strike six), and now you’re going to drag them into your nonsense because I am sure they (and their schoolmates) will hear about this as it’s on the internet and in this day and age kids can be cruel. This smacks of nothing more than revenge because either he kicked you to the curb, or she feels that she deserves more for spending ten years as his hoe on the side. You wanted to be the sidepiece, so know your role.

  5. Jademichael on said:

    But I guess she was being the “Amber” she wanted to be while in an abusive relationship with a known married man for ten years.

  6. Is this woman crazy? Why do you think the wife of the man you’re having an affair with is responsible or even area of you’re getting your butt beat? I wouldn’t give a damn. You should have closed your legs to a married man. Deal with all that comes with that. You sound like a gold digging, sloppy, married man stealing Hoe! Go find your own man and your own money. Obviously he didn’t want you as a wife if he didn’t marry you after all that time. You can’t make a Hoe into a Housewife cause men know if you cheat with them, you’ll cheat on them!

  7. OWN needs to better research its subject matters before producing programs. The network is complicit in this deception.

    Also, this woman and the wife are very, very bad examples to all younger ladies of female dignity, honor and strength.

  8. CHILE PLEASE on said:

    This Lady Brenner is hilarious, You want to call up Mara to let her know her husband is abusive. But, you did nt call when you decided to exchange information and start having sex with her husband. Nowwww, after 10 Long Years you want to tell and all of s sudden be a better mother..BULL$#!@…… When he hit you the first time you should have left. If you felt fear in leaving back then, why don’t you feel fear now. After you see his Wife on a magazine cover, you all od a sudden feel compelled to come forward……You are a BIG as JOKE!!!!! YOU SLEPT WITH THIS WOMAN HUSBAND FOR 10 YEARS……YOUR EGO OR YOU FEELINGS HAS BEEN HURT AND NOW YOU ARE TRYING TO GET REVENGE….BYE FELICIA

  9. What I don’t understand is why did she stay with a man that was married to someone else? She claims that he abused her in so many ways. She could have stopped it by closing her legs, closing her mouth, changing her phone number endnote associating with him at all and just being with her husband as she was supposed to be. Did she leave her husband for this man and he never left his wife (this is the norm)? I would never tell someone that another person urinated in my mouth. This is sick and disgusting. I think they both liked rough sex or games and when he no longer wanted to play with her she got mad and now she is a victim.

  10. I believe every bit of the lawsuit! How about the “lie” being portrayed on “Love Is” and not one word for the deception of this couple to produce via OWN! Wake up people, you die from lack of knowledge. Thank you Oprah for not continuing to portray what is and was not their relationship for the sake of a dollar!

  11. Puleeze… this woman is a money grubbing hoe, who not once toom iw ership in her part of her tem year relationship with a married man. Who do you think is going to buy your story lady???? Who us the fool here??? Go sell your sob story to someone who would believe it. Hopefully you will get NO money for you trying to cash in on a mistake YOU made.

  12. This is ridiculous!! She stayed with a married abusive man for 10 years and now wants to come out with the dirt. She’s the fool for staying like he did. She wants the wife to know her husband abused her? That’s crazy. His wife is not a shrink or her girlfriend. She is foolish and woman scorned

  13. Passing Through!! on said:

    I said I came to know it as reflective of the definition of abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and the abuse of power also based upon their stature in the industry and otherwise.
    NO man in the industry has power over you unless you give it to him. What it boils down to are women who are desperate to get their foot in the door of Hollywood and end up making deals with the devil and using their “Vagina” to get ahead. And when you don’t get the fame, money or notoriety in exchange for degrading yourself you become a victim. And the nerve of this whore “Amber Dixon” playing victim and calling out Salim Akil and his wife when she has dirt on her hands. I wouldn’t trust a word coming out of the mouth of this bottom feeding ho. You can’t be a victim and a side-bytch. You need your ass whipped having a 10 year affair.

  14. This is a woman seeking publicity and/or revenge. She was a married woman when she was carrying on this affair. Her husband is well known in Hollywood and apparently took good care of her financially. There was absolutely no reason for this woman to remain in an affair that she claimed was so abusive. Why didn’t she walk away? Why did she feel compelled to reach out to the wife? Why not go back to your own husband and kids and leave this man alone? There are some Me Too stories we have to question and this woman’s pathetic story is one of them.

    • Wow, I recorded the first season of Love Is but I have not watched it. Now I have to binge watch and see what the hoopla is all about. There is no way in the world that I would ever let a man let alone a married man, who is in the industry, lay hands on me. The strangest thing to me is the mistress had the gall to call the wife to let her know that hubby was beating her. If it is true, exactly, what did she think the wife was going to do when she called her and told her that the husband was beating her? I’m sorry but I can’t understand this at all.

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