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Fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” were quick to slam Kandi Burruss after her sing-off with newest cast member, Shamari DeVoe, left much to be desired.

On Sunday’s episode, the housewives found themselves staying indoors during a storm while on vacation in Florida. To stave off boredom, they engaged in a friendly competition — battling it out for who has the best fashion sense and the best runway walk.

However, the most entertaining was the singing battle between DeVoe and veteran housewife Ms. Burruss.

As noted by Yahoo, both ladies come from a music background. DeVoe was the lead singer of the ’90s, R&B girl group Blaque and Burruss is part of the R&B vocal quartet Xscape.

While DeVoe served up a soulful performance of “His Eye Is on the Sparrow,” Burruss went left with her over the top riff and fans were not impressed.

Many took to Twitter to shade Burruss. Here are some of their reactions below:

However, while Burruss is catching heat across social media, DeVoe was called out by fellow housewife Marlo Hampton at dinner later that night.

“You only won because you sung a religious song. OK, sweetheart? Your voice is awful,” Hampton told DeVoe, who clapped back, “I done sold over 5 million records, honey. You can Google me back to the 19’s, honey. I was a A-list when you was alias.”

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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29 thoughts on “‘RHOA’ Fans Slam Kandi Burruss After Her #Epicfail Sing-Off With Shamari Devoe [Watch]

  1. juanitadabney on said:

    I like both of them, they just have different styles. We need to compliment each other more and stop belittling each other buy calling one another bitches that’s not cute or lady like. LETS BE WOMEN NOT BITCHES

  2. Both of these ladies are talented. You can’t even compare Kandi’s singing career period, to Mrs. Devoe’s. Kandi has already left her legacy and still continues to do so today with all that she has individually accomplished. They both are stars and should be celebrated for just being two individually very talented BLACK WOMEN.

  3. I don’t think it’s fair to say that Kandi can’t sing, they chose to totally different songs to sing. Rather anyone believes she can’t are can sing the proof is there, she has made millions from singing as well as writing. it was just a friendly contest, I don’t know why everyone has to make it a competition. Yes the other young lady does have a beautiful voice but she has her way of singing and Kandi has hers

  4. I am so tired of people slamming Kandi,my girl can sang her ass off ,better than that bitch, Kandi grow up in church,and was on a church choir,so fuckers stop playing you’re self’s , like really

    • juanitadabney on said:

      I like both of them, they just have different styles. We need to compliment each other more and stop belittling each other buy calling one another bitches that’s not cute or lady like. LETS BE WOMEN NOT BITCHES

    • I agree with you fully. I’m confused. I didn’t think there was any comparison. In my opinion Kandi blew her away. I don’t know what the all these other people heard.

  5. Justina Harmon on said:

    I want to know why black women spend so much time judging and tearing each other down but when something happens that directly affects them we are so supposed to join together come on Ladies be about what u preach

  6. Candance Motley on said:

    I think they have different styles. Devoe was safe because she stuck with a song everyone knew. I have to agree with Marlo on why she won.I’m not a fan of that Devoe girl and trying to find out what’s her purpose on the show.I been watching this show from the beginning and it has reach it’s peak with the Devoe girl and Eva.

  7. You people are crazy candy can sing ANSI sound better than old girl that church song was not what’s up I’ll put my money on Candy any day now singing her you housewives are just a bunch of haters on each other they’re really jealous of candy because she is the top b**** on that show

    • Valerie Perkins on said:

      A lot of ppl saying kandi can’t sing none of yall have kandi money from singing. If imma get paid hella money to sing fuck everybody else who says I can’t. Let me hear yall ass sing nahh please don’t.

  8. Natasha Jackson on said:

    Everyone knows kandi can’t sing… Truth be told I think she knows it too. That’s why she mentions her money all the time.

  9. Ellen Sugarbaker on said:

    I don’t know why everyone is ripping Kandy….they have different style, but neither one was better than the other. But, I will say, they BOTH think they are better than they really are….and that goes for all the Atlanta ‘housewives’.

  10. Anne Acuff on said:

    I think she should stick to writing songs. I didn’t think she was the better singer. I also thought that Eva’s walk was better than Cynthias.

  11. Alberta Owens on said:

    Khandi is a Songwriter not really a singer singer. She knows that, keep making those coins Kandi Lol! That episode was too funny when no one voted for Kandi it! You could not help but laugh, funny is funny!

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