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NEW YORK (AP) — Nick Cannon isn’t just defending his friend and fellow comedian Kevin Hart over the Oscars hosting controversy. He’s also going after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences itself.

Cannon was one of many cheering the decision to appoint Hart as host of the Feb. 24 telecast but then with dismay watched as his friend voluntarily stepped down following an outcry over past homophobic tweets. Hart contended he’d already addressed those tweets and they no longer represented his views.

Cannon, who on Monday was promoting his new show, “The Masked Singer,” told The Associated Press he talked with Hart during the controversy, and said “I felt that the Academy actually could’ve handled it in a different way.” He added that organizers should have done their research before offering Hart the gig.

The veteran “Wild N Out” host also said there’s an irony to this situation because he believes the Academy has its own skeletons when it comes to both racism and a lack of diversity.

He recalled that as recently as 2014, the 6,000 or so Oscar voters were nearly 94 percent white and 77 percent male. “But things are changing. We’ve allowed them to grow. So why can’t we allow the people that the Academy employs or empowers to grow?”

Cannon also noted how when actress Hattie McDaniel became the first African-American woman to win an Academy Award in 1940 for “Gone With the Wind,” she had to sit in the back corner of the venue alone because it had a strict no-blacks policy. “Did anybody receive an apology for that?” Cannon asked. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did not respond to request for comment Tuesday.

Other comedians like Kathy Griffin and Hannah Gadsby have voiced their support for Hart even if they view his apology as underwhelming.

Gadsby, an openly gay comedian, said Hart could’ve used the situation as a learning lesson. Gadsby told The AP Hart could “bridge those things that he once said and to a certain point believed, that he no longer does. I think it’s a lost moment that could’ve been a really constructive bridge.”

Cannon also showed support for Hart on Twitter by re-posting old tweets from female comics Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler that also contained LGBTQ slurs and derogatory terms.

Cannon said he wanted to highlight “great artists” who he respects. “Again, there’s clearly a double standard in Hollywood.” He added: “I just wanted to show it doesn’t matter what your race, your gender or even your perspective truly is. We all make mistakes — myself included.”

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8 thoughts on “Nick Cannon Sees Irony In The Way Oscars Handled Kevin Hart

  1. It’s funny that you can’t say fag but you can beat the hell out of black folks and no one gets upset about it. It’s like society makes you accept gays but you choose whether or not to accept blacks. I personally don’t have anything against gays unless it is directed towards me but I hate being forced to accept it on every television show and feeling that I have to be politically correct in my views regarding sex. If I don’t like something it should be personal as long as I am not doing them any harm.

  2. L,
    You sure are not practicing what you preach. Your comments are full of hate.
    People have a right to change their views and grow. That can’t happen if we don’t let them move out of the past.

  3. It’s not right, nor fair, but as a African American, we are held to different standards. As a result, those in positions, must never forget and should have realized that they are not allowed to do the same as their counterparts. That being said, the lesson for Hart was a ‘reminder’ of who he actually is…A black Man living in a White world !

    • Let’s get real.We all know Bill Cosby got the book thrown at him and why,but did Harvey Weinstein (currently facing similar charges as the Cos) and Rosanne Barr get the kid glove treatment from Hollywood when their respective misogyny and racism became well-known (BTW both are Jewish)? Homophobia is the most universal prejudice in the history of human civilization. In America,until maybe the last 2 decades of the 20th century,anti-homosexual bigotry had been normalized not only by mainstream white society but by the straight majority in the respective “marginalized” communities as well (African,Asian,Hispanic,Native,Muslim,Catholic,Jewish and take-your-pick- Americans all shared their revulsion to “the love that dare not speak its name”).In this century even the ranks of homophobic clergy are dwindling here ( Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have evolved with age)although Franklin Graham and Louis Farakhan still share their opposition to gay rights and same-sex marriage-if nothing else.
      Racism and sexism,as well as homophobia were definitely normalized by Hollywood 78 years ago but the Academy has gradually evolved into a more inclusive and tolerant institution if you compare its response to the respective Oscar recipients of Hattie McDaniel and Viola Davis. Yes it still has a long way to go but Hart’s getting off easily in just losing the Oscar gig.He won’t face criminal charges on account of the First Amendment and there’s no reported calls to boycott his
      live concerts by gay community leaders so don’t waste your time agonizing over the fate of his career.

  4. Dark and Ugly Kevin Hart put his own foot in his mouth when he posted HOMOPHOBIC tweets on social media.


    It is irrelevant what some other folks may or may not have posted or said and how there may be a double standard when it comes to folks of color.

    NO ONE should be spewing HATE.
    There is already enuff HATE in AMERYKAH right now.

    Kevin and his bro, Nick Cannon need to go sit their dumbasses down somewhere.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      I Agree with you L, no sympathy for his black ass! KeVin has also said hateful shyt about black women & nobody said a word, nobody boycotted or cancelled his shows but say something negative about gays or Jews & see how quick they turn on your ass. Kevin is a coon, a buck dancing minstrel owed by white Hollywood. He better start ass kissing & boot licking to save his spot on the back of the bus.

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