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On the latest episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook series, “Red Table Talk,” the actress welcomed her younger brother, Caleeb Pinkett, to talk about forgiveness and their tumultuous relationship with their late father, Robsol Pinkett, Jr.

“We had a lot of resentment,” Pinkett Smith recalled. “We had that feeling like we had to be responsible for him, but he never had to be responsible for us and that was a hard pill for me to swallow.”

Robsol struggled with drug addiction and died of an overdose in 2010. Jada recalled the horrendous fight she had before her father’s death and the moment has haunted her for years.

“The most difficult part about him dying like that is because he and I had had a horrendous fight when I found out that he relapsed,” she said. “I was like, I don’t owe you nothing, you didn’t do shit for me, you didn’t do shit for Caleeb. I don’t owe you nothing.”

Her brother said he’d had a similar talk with their father. According to Pinkett Smith, Caleeb “became a man” after Robsol’s death.

“He had to go identify the body, he had to take care of the funeral arrangements, and to have that happen and I didn’t have to take care of it? He had it,” she explained. “The way [Pinkett] handled it was with so much strength and so much grace, and that’s when he really grew up to me in that moment. To have my little brother be able to step up for me, was an amazing moment.”

Reflecting on her father’s death also helped Jada release some of the guilt she had been suppressing.

“I had the most startling realization that Rob’s life wasn’t about him being my father. Rob’s life was about Rob being on his journey, and it just so happened along the way that he gave me life,” she said. “And in that moment I realized he was not born to be my dad. That wasn’t the only thing he was here to do. He’s a person first with his own journey.

“That was my aha moment of utter forgiveness, to be able to see him as human being,” the “Girls Trip” star added.

“That’s when I started, even in my own life, tearing down all these titles and labels. We get so caught up in all these titles and these labels of what people are supposed to be,” Pinkett Smith continued. “For the last seven years I’ve been in search of emotional independence. That has been the greatest gift in my journey.”

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3 thoughts on “Jada Pinkett Smith Recalls ‘Horrendous Fight’ With Father Before His Death [Video]

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    You ladies are SOOOO right. No, maybe her dad wasn’t born to be her father (I liken that thought to Mary, mother of JESUS. Maybe she WAS born to deliver our Saviour). He wasn’t born to be your father, but you were born to be his daughter and that means responsibilities for him. It isn’t for our offspring to fend for themselves and teach themselves life’s lesson’s. That’s the job of a parent. That is the whole point of the parent, not just for procreation.

  2. Teresa on said:

    A parent is supposed to be there to raise and nurture their children. Yes, we each have our own journey but along that journey we have responsibilities. What a way to make parents believe that they are not responsible for a life they created. I love the Red Table series but this comment is ridiculous.

  3. Titles and labels give life a meaning, A father is here for purpose. Animals teach their offsprings how to survive in life how to hunt how to live. Not sure of the SMITH’S their whole view on life seems awful whack. The raising of their kids, their ideas on marriage and commitment is whack but they have a right to their philosophies on life. It just seems that according to their theory on life nothing has a true meaning in life.

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