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(Kenya Moore Instagram)

Kenya Moore and her husband Marc Daly, recently welcomed their baby girl Brooklyn Doris Daly. But bringing her into the world at 47-years-old presented some challenges. On social media, Kenya confirmed the complications she experienced during the birth. Her caption read:

#BrooklynDorisDaly is here!

Thank you @people for sharing our journey

She’s so perfect and strong! Marc was incredible in the deliver room. I lost a lot of blood so I’m very weak but they both were strong for me.

God is so good. We are blessed and doing well.

My heart is so full at the abundance of love for our family! We love you all.

#TheDalys #babydaly #BrooklynDaly#family #love

Fellow housewife, Kandi Burrus sent Kenya a beautiful bouquet of flowers to congratulate her on her new arrival. Kenya used her Instagram caption to thank Kandi and acknowledge her recovery process. She said:

“Having a tough day of recovery and just got these! So gorgeous feeling so emotional! Thank you @kandifor being you and all your generosity from you and your family! I love you mama!”

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27 thoughts on “Kenya Moore Having ‘Tough’ Recovery, After Having Complications During Labor

  1. Philly on said:

    Praying for a full recovery. People don’t realize that giving life is one of the hardest things a woman can do. There’s complications on all levels and ages. It’s really serious.

  2. Judy Fisher on said:

    Congratulations On your bundle of joy. I have enjoyed watching you you are such mazing strong Woman. I watch the housewives of Atlanta It is definitely not the same without you. I can’t wait to see you back on TV. Forget all your haters enjoy being a mother. I God-bless you.

  3. Porchia49 on said:

    That was real cruel Autumn 2016, you probably can’t have kids that’s why you hating, Congratulations Kenya and family, never worry about haters, because they are going to hate no matter what, you owe no one anything. Enjoy your family and life, and let the haters hate on. Get well soon.

  4. Kenya God has blessed you and your husband with a beautiful baby girl. You are in my prayer for a speedy recovery. My mother was 45 when I was borne and I was number 12. Hater wished they could be
    you. God bless you and yours.

  5. It is so remarkable how individuals can take a beautiful moment like giving birth and try and make it negative. People speak on this beautiful new mother has if y’all know her personally. How many of y’all have sat down and had a conversation with her I am sure the answer is 0. You have based your opinion of her off a reality show. Are you serious each one of those women at one time or another have done and said things that was not lady like. While Kenya may be confident in who she is shouldn’t be a bad thing. If we don’t think highly of ourselves who in the hell will. So when leaving an unpleasant comment remember what big mama use to say if you don’t have nothing good to say then don’t say nothing at all. Kenya wishing you a well and speedy recovery and congrats on you and your husband’s new edition to the family. Twirl girlfriend cause when the haters said you couldnt get a man or have a child our Lord and savior said different.

  6. Cassandra L Littleton on said:

    Kenya you are beautiful and God bless you and your family you both are going to be great parents forget all the heaters enjoy that beautiful baby girl and if you have more God bless bless you even more!!! I’m happy for YOU. Enjoy every day with her. Ppl are so mean but jealous in the breathe. I love you Kenya!!!!!

  7. To Kenya,
    Congratulations to you, your husband and your beautiful angel. Please take your time to recover. Childbirth is hard no matter what your age! But especially when you are older. You are beautiful inside and out. God Bless you and your family. Take care. You and your family are in my prayers always. ♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹🦋.
    January Ritchie

    • Wow you are so ridiculously stupid for saying what you said. Are you even a mother???? This woman risks everything to make her dream of being a mother come true, she prays and believes and gets her dream husband too. Why Are you a hater? Also are you married and in a good relationship? Probably not. That would explain the hate. God bless you Kenya!

  8. Some of you are so cruel and cold-hearted! Kenya is beautiful with or without makeup! It doesn’t matter how long you “think” she waited or even her plans about childbirth and marriage; God is in control; He did it; if it were not so, it would not be so! This could have well been the situation for your mother at the time of you all’s birth. Think twice before making these lame ungodly remarks; KARMA doesn’t have a menu, it serves you what you deserve! Reap what you so freely sow! Be blessed!

  9. Renee Clay on said:

    I had my first son when I was 30. My second and third sons when I was 41 & 43. With the youngest, i had a c-section and hysterectomy at the same time. I went back to work by the time my baby was 3 weeks old. And my baby was premature born at 7 months pregnant.GOD is good all the time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  10. Special on said:

    Congratulation to your husband and you, everything in Gods timing, he’s in control and doesn’t move according to our plans or schedule. God bless y’all in all you do, stay positive and encourage. Love ya.

  11. Wow! Such negativity. She waited for marriage and did it the right way! Kudos to you Kenya! God Bless you and your family. Haters sip your HATERAID!!!!!

  12. Which is why most women have kids when they are much younger.
    Women these days are waiting to have their first child much later on in their lives-which can often result in COMPLICATIONS.

    Kenya doesn’t look bad without all of her WARPAINT on her face.

    Kudo’s to her and her husband.

    • Melkissmygrits on said:

      I bet on your best day you’re a soft 5 at best. And your vage and womb are ran way down into to the dirt. That’s why you have no picture posted of yourself. Go eat some carb free meals and worry about you own ugly face. Let’s see someone crown you as a beauty queen.

    • It’s hates like you that make the world so dark. Life must be so miserable for you. Did you not find your night & shining armour girl. Maybe somebody came along and stole your joy. Either way, it’s chicken head birds like you that end up miserable & alone.


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