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Did Jada Pinkett Smith date Alfonso Ribeiro before she hooked up with Will Smith?

The actress certainly believed they briefly had something special … that is until Alfonso recently pumped the brakes on her narrative about their time together.

When Jada’s “Red Table Talk” returned to Facebook Watch on Monday, the actress was joined by her husband and they had a very candid conversation about how she became Mrs. Smith.

Jada first caught Will’s eye after he saw her on “A Different World.” According to Will, his “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” co-star offered to hook them up.

“I actually think I dated Alfonso,” Jada said on the Monday, October 22, episode. “I think I went one date together.”

Smith added: “And he, like, took you on a motorcycle or something.”

“My memory is … I dated a lot of people, but we went on one date,” Pinkett Smith explained.

After the episode was released, Ribeiro tweeted his side of the story.

“Sorry Jada. Your memory is a little off,” he wrote on Monday. “We went to lunch with your family when we both guest starred on A Different World the year before you became a regular.”

Pinkett Smith laughed off her foggy memory, replying, “my fault Alf… I thought it was a date.”

Smith and Ribeiro co-starred on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” from 1990 to 1996. He married Pinkett Smith in 1997, three years after they met when she auditioned for the comedy series.

“The first time I met you was at Fresh Prince, when I came to audition,” the “Girls Trip” star explained. “I think I was 19 and they told me I was too short. But you were there.”

Smith added: “When I saw you on Different World, it was that thing and I don’t know what it is, the bell rings. And I knew that there was something in our energy that would be magic.”

But when Smith went to a taping of her show, he ended up meeting another woman there instead: first wife Sheree Fletcher.

“We did not have an affair while he was married,” Jada interjected.

“The next night me and Sheree went to dinner, I sat down with Sheree and it was one of the most bizarre emotions I ever had, after we had that talk,” Will recalled. “I remember I had to get up from dinner when I had a realization that I wasn’t with the person I was supposed to be with. I went in the bathroom at The Palm and I broke down in tears.”

Once he and Sheree called it quits, Will reached out to Jada.

“I literally walked out from there, I called Jada, I said, ‘Hey Jada, what’s up, it’s Will … are you seeing anybody?’ She said, ‘Uh, no,’ and I said, ‘Cool, you’re seeing me now.’”


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