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When Bill Cosby was sentenced, Russ did not feel badly for him. “Bill Cosby ruined lives and careers” with his actions and “he deserves to go to jail” Russ says. Yes, black people are punished more severely and yes black people are convicted more often but take that away and “think about the women who have to carry the burden” of that trauma for the rest of their lives.

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2 thoughts on “#RussRant: Not Sorry

  1. You’re not supposed to send people to prison based on what you THINK they did, you’re supposed to convict them based on PROOF. I never saw even one ounce of proof that Cosby did anything. I don’t believe Cosby should be free because he’s innocent. I believe he should be free because he has not been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Now, watch the gold diggers try to bleed his pockets dry! Bill Cosby did a great deal for the black community. His massive $20 Million dollar donation to Spelman College has not been matched by ANYONE (no one has come close) Russ Parr, but you didn’t mention any of that, all you did was push the knife more into his back, you’re an ungrateful man.

  2. Russ Parr, Shame on you. Bill Cosby has given more money to black institutions, schools and individuals than most especially you. You seem to have forgotten he helped get you started this I know. Look wrong is wrong but you should take this story and comment to it as a learning experience to all of our young black male listeners. Everyone turned their back on Mr. Cosby day one of the first news report and you know it was not 40 or 50 women. Further if you were in that position you would also want due process and not to be railroaded. Ease up or go all in and give back that which we gave to you. Russ Parr, be positive or be quiet!

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