Roland Martin: Bill Cosby’s Spokespeople Say He Was A Victim Of Racism



On September 25, 2018, the man once called “America’s dad,” Bill Cosby was sentenced to three to ten years in prison, and spent his first night in jail.

Roland Martin talks to Andrew Wyatt and Ebonee Benson, spokespeople for Cosby, about the sentencing.

It has been reported that Mr. Cosby was laughing and smiling in court yesterday and Benson said that’s true. “He’s held his head high the entire time,” and “his spirit is strong,” she said.

Wyatt said that “Mr. Cosby was prepared” to go to jail “he didn’t feel that he was going to get any special treatment.”

It was also reported that Mr. Cosby didn’t make a statement or apologize. According to Benson that’s because “you don’t show remorse when you maintain your innocence,” which he has. Wyatt added that, “his decision has always been to not say anything” because he felt from the beginning that “the judge’s mind was made up” and had been for three and a half years.

Wyatt feels that “this is bigger than Mr. Cosby, this is about black and brown men everywhere.” Especially when we look at the way Brett Kavanaugh has been “protected,” and defended. He says the differences in these cases shows that “the judicial system is truly black and white.” According to Wyatt, “this was the most racist and sexist” case the United States has seen.





3 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Bill Cosby’s Spokespeople Say He Was A Victim Of Racism

  1. The problem I have with Mr. Cosby case, if there was no evidence fourteen years ago, how can evidence be manufactured now and convict him? I forgot when one is black all rules change. My opinion, those women were hanging on to Mr. Cosby for financial gain, and thought one of them would become the new Mrs. Cosby. The Psychologist label Mr. Cosby a 81 year old blind ill man, a Violent Sexual Predator. Black people are given the worse names in the dictionary. Remember Tiger Woods and I am not a fan of his; label America worst Adulterous, as if he invented it. If this was not so serious, I would considered it all a JOKE!!!!!!

  2. As a black person myself I don’t have Ali of sympathy for these black men that mess with these white women and then say rasicm when they get handed their black wake up card. Dummies they only want your money .

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