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For Kanye West it’s goodbye Hollywood and hello Chi Town! However, that doesn’t mean he’s completely putting LA in his rear view mirror.

If you haven’t heard, Kanye made the announcement Monday at a Chicago event with Chance the Rapper.

He told the crowd …

“I gotta let y’all know that I’m moving back to Chicago and I’m never leaving again.”

Hold up. Not so fast on. It’s not like he’s cutting all ties to Los Angeles. According to sources close to Kanye, he and Kim have already found a home in Chi-Town and that’s where we know he wants to establish his permanent residence, but they are keeping all of their properties in L.A.

In addition to the house they just built, they have multiple properties in L.A., including 300 acres that Kanye is developing, and that project is still a go, reports TMZ.

We hear that Kanye will move his Yeezy offices from Calabasas to Chicago.

It seems that from Kanye’s point of view, he will have a home base in Chicago, but apparently he believes he can have more than one home base.

Keep in mind, he launched Donda’s House — named after his mom — in Chicago in 2013. It’s a place for artists to develop their skills and collab with others.

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5 thoughts on “Kanye West Says He’s Moving To Chicago And Never Leaving [Video]

  1. Passing Through!! on said:

    I 3RD that “don’t give a damn!” Keep your MAGA wearing ass in LA! He’s only doing this because he’s lost black support.

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