Hundreds gathered in the Hyde Park neighborhood to honor the slain rapper.

For Kanye West it’s goodbye Hollywood and hello Chi Town! However, that doesn’t mean he’s completely putting LA in his rear view mirror. If you haven’t heard, Kanye made the announcement Monday at a Chicago event with Chance the Rapper. He told the crowd … “I gotta let y’all know that I’m moving back to Chicago and I’m […]

Nipsey Hussle doesn't play when it comes to his music and his lady.

A Shreveport, LA teacher at Evangel Christian Academy School brought a 12-year-old student to tears after allegedly calling her a, ‘sassy slut.’ The student’s mother asked that her daughter’s name be withheld to protect her from potential teasing. “I’m just still numb you know, about what happened and the disciplinary action that the school had taken,” said […]

In this edition of Hot Off The Wire, Britt reports Jay Z is trying to move his “Made In America” concert from Philly to LA. But listen to the audio player to hear why city of Los Angeles isn’t having it. Plus, get more in the latest celebrity news! Keep Up With The Russ Parr […]

According to the Chicago Tribune, chaos and overall terror set in at LA International Airport yesterday when a gunman showed up and started randomly firing…

Today is not a great day for the men of the Kardashian women! TMZ is reporting that the same L.A. City Attorney’s office that charged Kanye with…