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Welp! Tiffany Haddish has come out with what some will regard as an unexpected response to Katt Williams‘ disparagement of her stand up comedian abilities.

If you missed it, Williams went in on her on Friday when he was on Atlanta radio station V103’s “The Frank Ski and Wanda Show” when straight up said Haddish doesn’t deserve the spotlight she’s been given over comics like Mo’Nique. On top of that, he went o to say she has a “diseased vajayjay.”

Here’s the surprise to many. Haddish, who’s well known for speaking her mind and not taking any prisoners, decided to channel Michelle Obama. She’s playing nice and staying above the mess. Sorry Katt, she’s not taking the bait, it seems.

Here’s her response via Twitter, complete with Katt’s unflattering comments.




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11 thoughts on “Tiffany Haddish Takes The High Road After Katt Williams Diss

  1. I understand what he saying but at the same time lets still be happy that a black comic is getting her chance. You do not see white comics trashing that white comic female (I can not think of her name but she got a big Neflix deal).

  2. The old adage remains… if you cannot say something nice about someone… don not at anything at all. Tiffany worked hard to get we here she is, let her enjoy her success. Stop hating each other and start supporting each other.

  3. Mrs. Reid on said:

    Why was he so defensive and hostile throughout the entire interview? I know comics clown people all of the time, but he came out swinging HARD for no reason. Or did something happen before the show went on the air??

  4. Eric Smith on said:

    Katt is just trying to ride her wave, he knows the game. When you’re in darkness and hyou verbally attacks the person who the sspotlight, he might catch a glimmer of ttheir shine… That what Mike Epps did to Kevin Hart… it’s game.

  5. James Harrell on said:

    Miss Haddish keep shining and making us laugh it your time enjoy it and we will enjoy it with you. Let nothing or no one dem your light.

  6. Why is this brother so focused on this sista’s career ? There’s more than enough coins to go around. I’ve lost all kinds of respect for Katt for trying to stomp on this girls hustle. By the way, didn’t he get his ass kicked by a 12 year old ? The little thirsty attention seeking midget Katt needs to shut it down and leave Tiffany alone with his processed perm wearing ass. #TeamTiffany

  7. STop the hate Katt you ruined your own career with all the arrests and drama you caused. There’s room at the table for everyone do the work and stop trying to get by with what you did in the past.

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