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An Atlanta-area teen is being called a hero after literally giving the shirt off of his back to save two co-workers at Target who were stabbed in a robbery, according Fox 5 Atlanta.

Mario Alexander, 17, a Police Explorer and employee at a Target store in Cobb County, Ga., sprang into action when he saw two of his coworkers bleeding from stab wounds, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Alexander told Fox 5 Atlanta he saw the coworker with an arm wound first. “He had his arm lifted and he said, ‘I’ve been stabbed, he got me!’ and threw his arm back and I saw blood just gushing out,” Alexander told the station. Alexander took off his shirt and used it to stop the other co-worker from bleeding from his neck.

He cared for both co-workers until help arrived. The teen credited his police training.

“I give all the credit to the Police Explorers and the Lord because without them I wouldn’t have been able to apply my training,” the high school junior told Fox 5.




2 thoughts on “Teen Police Explorer Hailed As Hero For Saving Coworkers After Stabbing [Video]

  1. Mac Daddy on said:

    Sometimes just knowing you have skills and did the right rhings is payment enough. Key to the city? For real? Are we that desperate for positive acts in the black community

  2. AWESOME!!!!!

    Good to know that there are still some DECENT folks still on this planet.
    First, I just read about the young man in California-who saved the woman being attacked
    by her ex with a damn machete, now another heroic deed.

    Both of these brotha’s deserve KEYS to their city or some type of commendation from their mayors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Give PROPS where they are DUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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