Shaun King: We Need To Be Informed Voters!


Good Everybody!

Today is one of those days where I have more to tell you than I have time to say it all, so let me jump right in.

First, an update on the Dallas Police murder of 26 year old Botham Jean. I’ve looked at this case, and all of the evidence available to us, over and over and over again and have a few conclusions. First, we don’t believe her story. Not only do we not believe her new story, which is her third version of events, we don’t believe her first or second version of events either.

The officer, Amber Guyger, is a stone cold liar. Multiple unrelated witnesses heard her not only banging on Botham Jean’s door, but yelling for him to open the door.

And we think we finally understand more of what was going on. Amber Guyger repeatedly called management to report noise complaints on Botham Jean. Because he was a worship leader, he would regularly play loud worship music and sing along. And it appears that Officer Amber Guyger actually called management about noise sometime in the 24 hour period before she shot and killed Botham.

I said all of that to say this. I am now leaning more toward the idea that she went to Botham Jean’s apartment, in uniform, on purpose, to confront him over her noise complaints. That explains her banging on the door. It explains her yelling from the outside. And it explains why she went there in the first place. I’ve talked to multiple people who lived on the same floor of Botham Jean and each of them have explained that they don’t think there is even a 1% chance she didn’t know where she was. To get to his apartment, she had to walk past 15 other apartments – each often decorated and numbered differently than her own, then arrive at his apartment with its bright red carpet outside of the front door.

She knew where she was. I believe she went there to confront him.

Lastly, on this case, neighbors are saying that it sounded like the gunshots actually came from the hallway – disputing the fake story that she walked into the apartment at all. We believe when the ballistics reports come back that they will show this is true. I’m going to keep everybody posted on this.

Next, speaking of corrupt cops, you may have heard that 7 current NYPD cops, and multiple retired ones, were arrested last night here in the city – for running a prostitution and gambling ring. Among the cops that were arrested was a decorated detective who’s worked on hundreds of cases as well as a supervising sergeant. We are not only disturbed by what these cops were doing, but we learned last night that the NYPD had been investigating these cops for over three years – allowing them to be armed, complete arrests, and a lot more all while they were running this illegal racket on the side. Public defenders are calling on every case these cops have ever worked on to be reopened.

Next, an update on the racist Mayor of Kenner, Louisiana, who last week announced in a memo that he was banning Nike shoes and gear to be purchased from the Parks & Rec Department. Yesterday, in an embarrassing turn of events, he removed the ban, basically admitting that he was a fool all along. In a span of just a few days, local leaders, NFL players from the Saints, local musicians, and everyday residents all came together to let this man know that they’d be moving their business out of Kenner and asking others to join them if this ignorance continued.

Listen, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, when we organize, we win.

Let me close with this.

In a few minutes, my wife and I are going to go vote in the Democratic primaries here in New York. We both are busy as ever, and like you, have 101 things to do, but you have to make the time to vote. Losing important races is WAY more inconvenient than taking a few minutes out of your day to vote. I’ll be voting for Cynthia Nixon for Governor, my good friend Jummane Williams for Lt. Governor, and my good friend Zephyr Teachout for Attorney General. I know all three candidates personally and trust them.

But let me be real for a moment, this may actually be the first year of my life that I am not only aware of who I’m voting for in the big races, I am aware of who I’m voting for in the local races as well. And it’s an empowering feeling. It took me weeks, maybe months, of studying the issues, studying the candidates, and understanding who’s who, to really get to this point.

And it’s where I want you to be as a voter as well. Listen, we want you to show up no matter what, but try to show up AND be informed, so that we can actually change this system from the inside out.




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3 thoughts on “Shaun King: We Need To Be Informed Voters!

  1. Lone Wolf on said:

    Hey Shaun, where is the article and commentary on the black couple in Hialeah, FL who were refused service at Taco Bell because they couldn’t speak Spanish. Although, the hispanic woman appeared to be able to speak english when she told the couple to move along. That’s right, hispanics can’t be bigot or racists.

  2. tedgravely on said:

    Boom goes the Dynamite. That was one of his better commentaries. They teach these officers to lie and as a result, those fools think they are above the law. They are also taught to cover for each other. It’s rare for one gang member to contradict another. That’s why unless someone is caught red handed, it’s hard to believe these trained liars in blue. Be Informed, Get Involved, and VOTE. If you’re in a HOA – run for office, go to the meetings, etc. They are making decisions without you. The same if you have students in school. I’ll vote for who should be the community dog catcher if it was an elected office. Why not Cuomo? Some Dems believe he is counterproductive: unwillingness to tax the wealthy; he is weak challenging powerful interests; he dragged his feet on supporting de Blasio’s initiatives, etc. A lot of states need a fresh approach and should vote in people that will fight for substantive changes. The same companies get contracts, nepotism and friendship hires. Flat out corruption. New Day? We shall see.

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