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(Valerie Scogin Post/Photo WWL TV)

A Louisiana math teacher has been disciplined after she posted a racially charged post on Facebook shortly after Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad. Valerie Scogin has been teaching at Slidell high school since 2008.

“They don’t have to live in that country. They could go back,” Scogin posted. “But it was their own people selling them into slavery to begin with and tearing them even worse in those countries of origin.”

She continued: “Want a better neighborhood? Move. You don’t have to choose to live in those zip codes. Want to not be stereotyped, tell people of that color to quit acting like animals and perpetuating the stereotype,” she wrote.

According to WWL TV, St. Tammany Parish Public School administrators said they took the “appropriate disciplinary actions,” even though Scogin was in class on Monday teaching students.

However, Scogin did apologize on Facebook for her racist post.

“Recently I posted a comment that may have been hurtful to some of you,” Scogin wrote. “In my reaction out of frustration at another Facebook post, I made some remarks that were against my better judgement [sic] and sensibilities. I now wish I hadn’t.”

Scogin added that: “the last thing I want to do is hurt anyone. I apologize for what I said and sincerely wish to avoid this in the future.”

Stories Of Racism And Discrimination In 2018
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41 thoughts on “Louisiana Teacher Makes Racist Facebook Post

  1. Girl, bye! You shouldn’t have said them, doesn’t mean that you didn’t feel and doesn’t mean that you don’t feel exactly what you stated. Personally, you really need to be careful with your comments because you definitely look like you could be one of us. Find out if Massah was in your great-grandmas slave quarters…ijs

  2. KINGIIII on said:

    Interesting how she provokes instant responses from us….but we say nothing about blacks dying in Chicago and other death traps….be equal with your criticism..!!!!!

  3. Christianforreal on said:

    You know it is truly funny to have ignorant persons go on a rant. Someone mentioned that they hope she isn’t teaching children of color, I find it difficult that she would be qualified to teach any child. Those statements that she made are truly just ignorant rantings. Blacks position in life isn’t based upon the fact that some African tribes were coerced into accepting items for assisting the White man in capturing other Black African. It isn’t even based upon the fact that some Blacks turned their backs on fellow slaves to attempt to put themselves in the favor of their masters. Our position in this country isn’t based upon the zip codes in which we live. Note that there are other races and nationalities that live in that same zip code and they do not get the treatment that we get. our position in this country isn’t based upon the fact that there are some Blacks that act a fool, steal, murder and commit other crimes in the name of survival, or maybe even just for the fun of it. I watched a video of 2 Black teenagers and an older Black man watch another human being collapse with a heart attack and not only did not one of the three call for help or assist this man, but the teenagers stole merchandise and money out of the store before they went about their business. Those aren’t even the reasons for why we (Black people) are treated the way that we are in this country. Every piece of advise that this RACIST woman spewed in this rant is significant of every other race and nationality, period. Probably even more so of the race in which she is a member. And those of you who mention that she isn’t sorry about what she said are correct. She said exactly what she wanted to say and is now concerned about the repercussions of her rant, possibly a chance of losing her job and now wants to pretend that she was just spouting because her emotions got the best of her. It’s a shame!!! Do people not understand the problem here. WE (BLACK people) can not come from behind and get ahead because we were too far behind. We talk about being 400 years behind, but technically we are way farther behind than that. Black Africans were not planning to come here and live the American dream when we were snatched off of the shores of Africa. When Europeans acme to this country and beat and stole from the Indians (Native American), we weren’t trying to join them. That was the Spaniards!!! The ignorance of these people is what started this problem in the first place and it continues to be passed down to each up and coming generation!!!

  4. Rune Graham on said:

    I say, if you don’t want teach our black handout kids, you move back to neighborhood you came from..before you got educated and all that with your nose in the air like your amazes me how critical whites are when they got same stuff going and more. FOR DECADES

  5. I agree with some of what this fat white bitch said, however, she was totally WRONG about US looking for handouts!!!!!!!
    African American’s have struggled since SLAVERY due to white folks ‘INSECURITIES” that we will RISE UP and possibly SURPASS them.
    The only thing that we are looking for and DESERVE is OUR FAIR SHARE of the so called “American dream.”

    As a woman of color I am offended by this POS. I have worked since I was the age of 15 and at 62 still am employed on a full time basis.
    I have had set-backs in life and have had to rely on Unemployment benefits and Welfare, however, at NO TIME did I consider this
    to be a damn handout–but simply $$$ I have paid into a CORRUPT system.

    The only thing this white turd is SORRY for is that her social media post was exposed.
    Go sit your UGLY FAT ASS down somewhere if you can find a chair to fit you-Becky!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Pamnufsaidcaseclosed on said:

    Thanks You Black American Web for keeping me from posting my comment ! What’s the problem Ya scared of the truth.I got Receipts. Thanks for Nothing !

  7. If one thing is for sure, this Nike ad is letting us see who people really are. It’s like the old saying goes, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. It have me looking at my white friends like the meme with the guy with his lip turn up.

    As for this teacher, if she is teaching any student of color, she should be fired. We do not know what type of negativity she is spewing towards the kids when the camera is not looking. She is not sorry about what she said. She is sorry that she was caught.

  8. Crystal Rogers on said:

    Valerie Scogin is one Very uneducated immigrant teacher, in Our country. My African American family has tested our DNA. We’ve tested positive for ALL OF AMERICA. It’s our land. This immigrant teacher should test her DNA. If she does, she will not find America anywhere in it. She proves that too many teachers in Our country are foreign idiots.

  9. Louisianaticwhiteman on said:

    All this woman did was spew hatred and try to cause strife and division. And almost everyone commenting is spewing hatred and hostility towards white people. News flash ain’t one of yall any better than that woman. Yall pictures should be posted right next to hers saying how yall are some piece of shit racists that calls out all white peoples racist shit saying how you hate white people and white people have more privilege but will cry and stomp your feet if someone calls you out for being racist. Hipocrit ass people.

    • ThisIsAmerrikkka on said:

      I almost agreed with you until the end. WE have a right to be angry/racist against YOU people that continue to disregard US as human let alone American. Don’t be upset at the reaction to the many years of YOUR actions!

  10. I am so tired of people saying what they want then trying to say, I am sorry. Not going to call her names either that makes me just as bad. I don’t understand how she is able to just go back to work with children of any color. She has publicly voice her beliefs so how can she be non bias in the classroom.
    Second history has nothing to do with the comments she made. Although it may be true her comments where at best racist directed at blacks. So don’t try to use history to .make her comments valid.

  11. You coons who are agreeing with any of the bullshit that fat sloppy crevices face pig said are the same type of bitches who sold out our people. You dumb pieces of shit waste of black skin. Go eat a bullet you’re all useless.

  12. And she’s teaching your children of color! Mostly it’s the obese racist low self esteem food addicted angry self hating trump voting nasty white women who’s spewing hate. Will she be fired! Hell No! Home school your children if at all possible.

  13. The statement was made so we know it’s in your heart you’re apology is not accepted
    I hope your students demand you explain yourself and reason for comment

  14. Justbeingme on said:

    everything she said is not true yes some of blacks was sold by other black but not by choice but who started the selling of blacks peopes the europeans. our black people need to read up on our history and go to the black american history musem in washington DC it will tell you about our true history and not what the european white folks want you to hear. she said exaclty what she meant they always want to appoliigize when they relize their livley hood is at stake. fired that racist prick,

  15. Dot Sierra W on said:

    Since she has listed what Black people are free to do”, I’ll take this opportunity to tell her she should free to diet, exercise and visit a dermatologist. Unfortunately, there is no one she can see about her illness of racism. Poor chubby thing.

  16. Two people have commented about the “Truth” in regards to African selling Africans, which did occur with many strings attached and the same tactic is used today by the military. African groups were tricked into selling other Africans by being promised that their local warring enemy would be moved so that they could gain the territorial area. They did not know they were being brutally enslaved after their transatlantic voyage. Second point is many of those tribes that enslaved were enslaved themselves. European divide, conquer and deceit. This information is not communicated very well in our history books.

  17. “You’re Sorry” Really! You shouldn’t be a teacher. You don’t deserve the privilege or tenacity to be teaching anyone. Imagine the children who’s lives she’s confused with her pass remarks. Imagine her thoughts & discipline shes metted out in pass years. We’re sorry you chose to shoot your mouth of. You’re Fired

  18. LyriCáh on said:

    As a teach you’re dumb as fu@k and I wouldn’t want your ass teaching my children – which is why I’m totally for HOME SCHOOLING! American DOS can’t go back to Africa dumb@ss… The US of America is our home – more so than yours if you ask me. Now she was correct about some of our own selling us into slavery but to say if you don’t like a zip code move out when there’s still redlining today – is just dumb and she shouldn’t be teaching in any school whatsoever. Also fu#k your apology, you could have kept your opinion among your friends but to post it online knowing that you may jeopardize your job is priceless. Now I understand why some students kick their teachers asses because of racist b@#%^& % like her.

  19. TerriJune on said:

    It is said: Think about what you’ve written BEFORE you hit that send icon. Think it and rethink it again because once its out there it ain’t comin’ back … EVER. Hence you have now allowed everyone to learn what’s in your MIND, HEART and SOUL. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

  20. What’s in the heart, will come out the mouth, she’s not sorry, that’s how she feels, I personally laugh @ these white folks and there BS, that’s y I don’t fuvk with them, Good morning, job related/ Good bye end of the day.

  21. Just the comment alone “their own people sold them into slavery” shows that the dumb bitch knows nothing!!! WE are not Africans!! We were and are a different people, God’s chosen ones, The REAL Hebrew Isrealites!! And the African knows this!! People, learn real history, true history then all of this madness in the world will make sense! As for this fat inbred, trash GTH!

    • americanize on said:

      As far as I,m concern if ur white and I know nothing about you ,you’re a suspected white supremacist.You would have to prove to me that ur not racist.

  22. Always sorry after the fact. Always cry I’m not racist, I have Black friends (like that’s a badge of honor). Always act shocked that people got upset by racist rants that came from your heart, soul and mouth. GTFOH. Apology not accepted.

  23. Michael Middleton on said:

    Nothing new….for what’s in a person’s heart will eventually make its way out in some form or fashion. We as Blacks need to realize that when they say Americans, they are not actually including us. We desire to have an identity so bad until we remain in denial time after time. If we don’t have anything to offer with any monetary value to them, we mean absolutely nothing. We were brought here to be slaves not friends, regardless of what we may bring to the table. ~Bottom Line~

  24. I’m a firm believer that in this day and age people say exactly what they mean…..period, point blank!!!! Therefore, your apologies don’t mean nothing or carry any merit with me. EVERYONE apologizes after the fact, because they don’t want to deal with the conversations that come afterwards. They don’t want the backlash from family, friends, jobs. But I’m going to stand my ground on anything that comes out of my mouth and not cower when someone challenges me on it and act like I’m sorry…..I’m going to hold me head up and defend my position!!!!

  25. Eileen Lee on said:

    Maybe she should have left the ranting to just her circle of friends. If that’s how she really felt then she should have never put it on social media and then say she’s sorry.

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