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Not only is The Wendy Wiliams Show is back for another run, but it’s season debut today included Wendy ripping Cardi B and Nicki Minaj for their “disgusting behavior” at NYFW, which we’ve reported on over the weekend (scroll down to watch).

She even posited that Remy Ma and Lil Kim must be laughing at ’em for the really bad and embarrassing look.

“Who are you both women? I’m embarrassed for both of you women,” Wendy said of the two female emcees in today’s episode.

She went on to tell her audience why exactly she believes neither one of them won following the altercation.

“They walked in and looked great… Cardi ends up leaving with no earrings, only one shoe on, and with her meat slumped… Just a big mess! Afterward, Cardi posted a rant saying that Nicki insulted her parenting — Who cares! Kids used to be off-limits, but in this day and age when the whole world’s imploding, even they are not off limits. People criticize parenting skills all the time! You know what kind of parent you are.”

Williams also brought into discussion, the other two rappers that Nicki feuded with before.

“Lil Kim is in the studio right now saying, ‘Yup, I’m about to go back in.’ She’s laughing; Remy Ma, laughing; Disgusting behavior,” Wendy said.

Yep, as we reported, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into a verbal and then physical altercation at New York Fashion Week on September 7 at the Harper’s Bazaar’s ICONS Party.

Apparently, before Christina Aguilera’s performance, guests started hearing screaming from another floor at the venue.

While there are many different reports on how it all went down, what we do know because there is footage, is that Cardi threw one of her stiletto shoes at her enemy.

‘B**ch come here!’ she can be heard shouting multiple times in some clips while in others she is defending her baby daughter.

The security was quick to stop the fight, but Cardi was still photographed as she was being escorted out of the event with no earrings with only one shoe on and a big ol’ knot upside her head from being elbowed by Nicki’s bodyguard.

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