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When someone close to you dies it’s pretty hard to get through it. Years later it can still be pretty hurtful and almost as fresh as the day it happened.

For femcee Lil Kim it’s a constant struggle dealing with the death of her close friend and former the rapper Notorious B.I.G. who died in 1997.

This got her a meeting with the spiritual medium Tyler Henry to talk with what could be the spirit of Biggie.

On the new trailer for the show Hollywood Medium, 19-year-old Henry sits down with Lil Kim to share his message with her. Even though he doesn’t name the spirit to be Biggie, he talks about music and a life being, “cut too short” and the legacy of his legacy that hasn’t been reached.

Lil Kim responds, “It’s amazing because right now I’m working on music for him.

An even bigger message that came through clearly to the spiritual medium was the message of “soul mate” repeated over and over. Lil Kim reacts emotionally to this important message.

Catch the trailer down below:

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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