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(Mark Knight Twitter)

An Australian newspaper most likely didn’t mean to create a racist cartoon of Serena Williams‘ incident at the US Open this past Saturday, but that’s what they’ve now got on their hands.

The cartoon — drawn by Mark Knight (editorial cartoonist for the Herald Sun newspaper) — shows the tennis superstar stomping on her racket.

But unfortunately for Knight and the Herald Sun, as TMZ points out, it looks like a Jim Crow-era, Sambo-style caricature of a black person — not Serena Williams.

As you can imagine, the cartoon has been blasted by athletes and celebs including author J.K. Rowling who had this to say about it:

“Well done on reducing one of the greatest sportswomen alive to racist and sexist tropes and turning a second great sportswoman into a faceless prop.”

The cartoon’s racism is “about as subtle as Fran Drescher’s voice,” noted sports writer/activist Jemele Hill.

And if you’re thinking the news outlet will take it down because of the protests, think again. So far, it’s still up. The Herald Sun is not retreating. In fact, they retweeted the image.

As we reported, Serena was penalized several times during Saturday’s U.S. Open finals match against Naomi Osaka. Serena went off on the judge claiming he was a “thief” who stole a point from her.

The judge then penalized Serena a game for the “verbal abuse.” Williams continued to go off on the guy to other tournament officials claiming the judge would never treat a man that way.

By the time things cooled down, Williams had been fined a total of $17,000 for her outbursts on the judge.

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41 thoughts on “Jemele Hill And J.K. Rowling Blast ‘Racist/Jim Crow Serena Williams Cartoon

  1. americanize on said:

    Serena got her ni**er wake up call,but this is what I want to know.Where is the black feminist to come and support Serena the two white lesbo’s martina an billy threw serena under the bus.Serena read the writing on the wall,ur so call husband is team white supremacy you took a downgrade if you and this devil get a divorce its going to be ugly white you paying millions to a white man for child support. Your dad tried to warn you.

  2. As much as I do like Venus, I’ve never liked Serena…….every time something goes wrong for her, she bawls and makes excuses. She was getting outplayed, couldn’t handle it, and threw another tantrum. Learn to lose with class, Serena……instead of stealing your opponents glory

  3. it was NO way racist GROW the hell up!! WHat was it suppose do…color it white? SHe is a black girl throwing a fit at the judges, throwing her racket down didnt help either, what is she a three year old?

    • Isaid Whatisaid on said:

      So how old was John McEnroe during ALL of his TYRANTS with racket in had??? If she is acting 3, then he must have still been swimming!

      • The only time I’ve ever watched a tennis match is when Serena is playing, but over the years, I’ve seen clips of McEnroe and his tantrums and I always commented on what a royal bitch is was.

    • Hank Lucky on said:

      Right on, but Je”meal” Hill is a fat racist and if anything is derogatory toward African Americans in her definition is must be racist. She gives dumbasses a bad name.

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    The world of tennis has always treated Serena like a black stepchild, even she admits that she makes less money and is penalized more than the white girls. It amazes me how a black person can experience so much open in your face racism and will still breed and marry someone white. Sorry, Serena marrying that white boy didn’t change the way the racist feel about you at all they still hate you probably hate you more and always will.

  5. How can you get coached will playing the game and everyone talking or making gestures that racist didn’t like Serena, how he even get to be a judge over anything they need to fire that bum asinine cracker~ I don’t like him calling her a cheater let him prove it~but whipper Judge makes me sick cause he can’t get a clue~ go sniff a but wipe simpleminded Judge your the one listening to outside coaching!

    • Hank Lucky on said:

      “That racist didn’t like Serena” then you call him a “Cracker”. Wow isn’t that the black calling the kettle black. Go eat your gubment cheese you fat POS.

    • Matthew V. Brown on said:

      The judge is hispanic. He is not a “cracker”. And he is a stickler for the rules. And people bringing up John McEnroe does not make sense in this instance. I doubt that this judge was even calling shots when John McEnroe played. Give it a rest, will ya?

  6. As a big fan of Serena’s, I wish she had handled herself better. She’s so passionate about winning, she knew she was losing and lost her composure. I’m tired of hearing about that match. She lost. Let’s move on. Naomi was great. She’s up and coming, and she will win more championships. To be the best, you have to best the best. And she did.

  7. Chris, shut the fuck up with your ignorant ass! It’s clowns like you that remind us the racism is alive. That’s the problem with fools like you, you’d rather she take the abuse from the ref than to stand up for what she believes to be wrong! You know what? You’re not ignorant, you’re just straight STUPID! Ignorance is for those who don’t know any better! You know exactly what you are! A fool who gets a hard on by being an asshole, just like that asshole president of yours

  8. How in the world is this racist???? It’s a caricature! Ever seen the caricatures of Trump?? Ar they racist as well? If ANYTHING on that court Saturday was racist and ” privilege” it was Serena’s racist remarks , specifically calling the Hispanic judge a “thief” and then telling him he’d never judge again on a court she played on. SHE is the racist!

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