People get mad at D.L. Hughley all of the time, so he gives them an opportunity to go off. Someone from the Show website wasn’t happy about D.L.’s comments about Ocho Cinco. Hughley said “3 seconds of anger cost him a lifetime of work” but this person thinks him hitting his then wife was a […]

Recently on the D.L. Hughley Show,D.L. seemingly got upset when his daughter said that women can have sex with as many people as she wants, as long as she stays safe. Now, this wouldn’t be an issue if D.L. didn’t seem to applaud men for their numerous sexual conquests. This listener feels “If men can […]

One D.L. Hughley Show listener is disturbed that he heard D.L’s son say there was a time in his life where he believed his dad didn’t love him. The listener doesn’t understand how D.L allowed that to happen. Especially because he always made time to complain about things and make fun of people. Maybe he […]

A little while back Serena Williams did a photo shoot for a magazine and she looked great! However, some folks weren’t fans of one photo where her butt was exposed. Someone commented that they wishes she’d been more covered in the photo and DL said he wishes she’d shown more. Well..that comment didn’t sit well […]

Sometimes D.L. can upset people with the things that he says. In this case he really upset someone becuase of one very important thing that he didn’t say. In the beginning D.L. was a powerful voice and advocate for Flint, Michigan. He demanded that they people of Flint get clean water. But now, a listener […]

Sometimes DL can make people really mad because of things that he says. One DL Hughley Show listner was so upset by what he said about Ayesha Curry that they had to share their feelings! The Lister wrote, “Ayesha Curry is gorgeous,” and also gave her props for her entrepreneurial skills. DL should  keep his […]

Recently on the D.L. Hughley TV show Devon Franklin was on as a guest. This viewer was very unhappy with the language D.L. used in Mr. Franklin’s presence. They wrote that D.L was cursing and carrying on as if he were at the bar with his boys rather than with a minister. We all know […]

One DLHS listener on Instagram just can’t understand why D.L. is so upset about his daughter getting married later this year. According to the listener that’s how life is supposed to go. Kids grow up, move out, and start their own families…it’s nothing to be upset about. They find it ironic that he’s always saying […]

Sometimes the things D.L says can offend people. So, to allow folks to voice their frustrations he decided to create an FU D.L. Hughley segment. One listener really would like to know what D.L. has against church and religion. They feel that he talks badly about church and priests and even blames church for making […]

DL really ticks some folks off, so much so that they feel the need to express their anger! One fan blames DL for Jussie Smollett’s arrest. From the day the story broke DL has been telling anyone who will listen that Jussie made the whole thing up. Now, he’s been arrested and the fan would […]

A DL Hughley show listener is seriously wondering if DL stands for “down low.” According to the listmer DL seems to have something against women. He’s always making fun of the women around him. He teases Jasmine about her teeth, constantly makes gay jokes toward Kia and he even calls one of the women in […]

DL speaks his mind and some of the things he says really makes people mad, so he wants to give folks a chance to express their feelings. This week, someone on Facebook was unhappy about DL bragging about his “little Christmas party.” Especially because he “took advantage of Stevie Wonder’s blindness!” The listener says Stevie […]