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Here we are still trying to get over the death of Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson), and two more bodies fall in this penultimate episode of season 5. One of them has been on the kill list for some time now so, we’re not too surprised by his death but, boy was it interesting to watch how it all went down.

Finally, the lines of communication are open and the right people are speaking to the right people to find out who the snitch is among us. So who’s the snitch? Well, the one who gets clipped at the end of this episode is Tony Teresi (Willam Sandler). But of course we know there’s way more snitching going on. Sadly, Tommy (Joseph Sikora) has to be the one to pull the trigger to exterminate the main rat.

A lot happens before we reach that point, so let’s talk about how we get here. Diego’s head was found in the freezer of the hotel that Dre (Rotimi) manages. Once Alicia (Ana de la Reguera) finds out, she’s pissed although she wanted her brother dead anyway. She goes off on Dre for his management skills or lack thereof, so she orders Cristobal (Matt Cedeno) to take over as head distro.

This doesn’t sit too well with Dre so when Angela (Lela Loren) approaches him to give up some dirt on Alicia, he’s all in. (Another snitch in the game)! He tells her where Alicia is scheduled to be later on that night, which just so happens to be in a hotel room getting real cozy with Cristobal.  Angela takes that information and runs with it, straight to Alicia’s hotel with the FBI in tow, and arrests her.

Angela is real ballsy now after making that arrest. She tells Alicia that the DEA agent Steve Tampio can’t save her this time. Then she gets real brolic with Mak (Sung Kang) and demands he identify his informant. Mak easily gives up Tony Teresi which should have been the clue he was setting her up but we’ll get to that in a second.

So what does Angela do? She runs straight to her Jaime (Omari Hardwick) to let him know there’s a snitch among us. She brings pictures and everything so he can handle the problem.

Meanwhile, Sammy thinks  Tommy is the snitch and tells Teresi that he should give him up to the Feds. Teresi tells him that this is exactly what he’s been planning all along. But plans change quickly when Sammy overhears Teresi on the phone with Saxe (Shane Johnson) saying he has nothing on Tommy but can give him everything they need on Ghost. The two argue and Tommy walks in unexpectedly. When Tommy asks what’s going on, Sammy looks angry enough to tell him the truth so – stab, twist, stab right in the gut. Was Teresi really coming around to some love for Tommy or was he just trying to save his own ass? Guess it’s up to us to figure that out, since Teresi won’t be talking.

With the new info on Teresi confirmed with pics, Ghost meets up with Vincent (Joe Perrino) to ask him to tell Tommy that Teresi’s a snitch. Vincent asks why can’t he handle it himself and Ghost tells him that Tommy won’t believe him. (TRUE) IVincent calls Tommy in for a meeting, pulls out the pictures and tells him that his father is a snitch and he has to handle it.

Poor Tommy. Just as he’s starting to get close to his father, he finds out he’s been betrayed.


Meanwhile, another father and son relationship that’s quickly unraveling is the one between Ghost and Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.). Tariq is out of control. He really wants to be a drug dealer. He even tells his father straight to his face – “Teach me the MF’ing game Ghost.” (WOW!)

He admits to his father that it was his plan to frame Kanan (Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson) He tells Ghost, Tasha (Naturi Naughton) and his uncle Tommy that he knew Kanan wouldn’t go down without a fight. He expected him to be killed when the police pulled the car over. He thinks he fixed the problem. Now he’s walking around trying to be a baby Kanan with the drugs Kanan left behind, and setting up meetings with Vincent to get him to move the weight. He even gets a fake I.D. made. Not so he can get into the club or buy alcohol. No, this young stunna gets a fake I.D. so he can pose as Kanan’s relative to get his ashes. (This boy is all the way messed up.)

And speaking of all the way messed up. Let’s talk about how Mak and Saxe have Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) wearing a wire. (WTF)

They want him to get Ghost to confess on tape that he and Angela conspired to have her crooked former boss, Mike Sandavol, killed in prison.

Proctor has a plan,  though. He can’t do Ghost dirty that way despite the risk to his own family as Mak has threatened to help his daughter’s drug-addicted mother gain custody of their daughter. He writes on a napkin that he’s wearing a wire and gets Ghost to answer questions without implicating himself or Angela.  After he unplugs the wire, Ghost still almost throws Proctor off the club’s second floor.

Which brings us back to Angela. She’s about to go down.

Mak tells her that telling her Teresi was their CI was a setup. Once he gets killed, they knew she was the one leaking information.

So, Mak, Saxe, Tameika (Quincy Tyler Bernstine) and Blanca Rodriquez (Monique Gabriela Curnen) are cornering Angela into being the next snitch. They know she’s connected to their most wanted drug dealers –  they just need the proof.

So will she roll on the crew to save herself or will she try to find a way of the mess for everyone? She has 24 hours to figure it out.

We may soon see Angela curled up in the fetal position crying her eyes out just like we saw Tommy with his mother, who, despite all her issues, was on the money about Teresi from Day One.. He’s still a G though! (Thugs cry, too!)


Kill List: Dre

 Quotable: “I will be the son. Even though you could never be the father” -Tommy