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Nova’s book Blessing and Blood is done. And so are her presently good relationships with her family once this book comes out. It was a dull storyline for her this season so we’re kind of happy that she’s already being set up as the antagonist to everyone else for Season 4.

Even though Nova’s self-righteous, activist, shady-relationship-having self irked my soul, muting her for the most part in Season 3 just didn’t work. So let’s bring back the Nova we know – messy love life, self-righteousness and all. And if Calvin (Greg Vaughn) comes back I will do the happy dance. That relationship had so much storyline potential. Plus, he’s fine. If not, we’ll be happy to see her and Remy (Dondre Whitfield) heat back up. We missed you this season, Dondre!

I wish Charley had as much potential with Romero (Walter Perez). He’s a nice guy and one she likely needs but the camera does such odd things. It gives some actors chemistry that makes it look like their clothes are combustible every time they interact. Romero and Charley just don’t have it, and its no knock on the actor. . But their little romance is growing so we may see him again.

And now to the three most moving things this episode – First, as I was about to lament this season for sure when it looked like Prosper (Henry G. Sanders) was heading back to Chicago to live with his daughter, Charley handed him the deed to his property. I could’t help but cheer. Prosper has become the patriarch of the series in place of Glynn Turman’s Ernest Bordelon and his presence would be missed. And it was so satisfying to see a man who worked hard on the land all his life get his just due.

And Aunt Vi…well Aunt Vi certainly gets her just due this episode. While she’s looking for options for her Aunt Vi’s Pies storefront, she’s told that her old boss, Clyde, has put the High Yellow diner up for sale. A few days later, Hollywood takes her there, telling her he has a gift for her there. Turns out, the gift is the High Yellow itself, which he purchased for her and she will solely hold the deed to. Why is Hollywood not real?

Next season’s drama is already being set up – Nova’s book is going to provide much of it, for sure. Micah will be caught up in some now that he’s named the racist cop who arrested him and stuck a gun in his mouth. And why did the cops roll up on Ralph Angel to ‘take him in for questioning?’ About what? Ralph Angel has a month left on his probation, so please say your prayers he does not get jammed up by these cops.

But Season 3 ends on an unexpected high note – Hollywood and Aunt Vi get married right at Vi’s house, with a few members of the family looking on and then a reception attended by everyone. Except Blue, which is kind of explained by the fact that Hollywood and Vi surprised everyone by saying it was a party to celebrate the anti-jail rally organized by Micah, but you would think Aunt Vi would have insisted Ralph bring Blue. (I suspect that it worked out that way because child actors are limited in filming hours, but I could be wrong. Just seemed weird he wasn’t there.)

Seeing Aunt Vi and Hollywood celebrating their happiness in each other almost made me break out in the ugly cry. With all the failed, fractured and ill-advised relationships of this season, it was nice to see at least one couple succeed. Yay for Hollywood and Vi! It’s hard to wait for Season 4, but we’re so glad it’s happening and we’ll get to enjoy more of the Bordelons in 2019.

Sugar babies, what did you think of this season?  




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