Roland Martin Asks, ‘Why Would A Black Pastor Side With Trump?’


The Black community was in an uproar after several Black pastors met with Donald Trump last week, and pastor Darrell Scott said, “Trump is the most pro black president.”

Roland Martin has the same question as many people, “why would a black pastor side with Donald Trump?”

Scott says that Donald Trump is the first president to be “proactive” in the Black community, the others were “reactive.” He claims that Trump is working on prison reform, sentencing reform and probation reform.

Martin disagrees with a number of Scott’s comments and corrects him where he is wrong. The main thing Martin wants to know is, “where is the evidence that Trump is pro Black when he refused to meet with civil rights leaders?”




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20 thoughts on “Roland Martin Asks, ‘Why Would A Black Pastor Side With Trump?’

  1. Yvonne on said:

    This pastor never answered Roland Martin’s question about minority contracts. He simply repeats the same talking points over and over. He is scripted and without education about presidential history. Lyndon Johnson’s career went downhill due to his civil rights ACTIONS…proactive not reactive. This pastor should go back to school and learn history before trying to take a national stage. He is in it for himself….

  2. Gloria on said:

    I refuse to call this man a Preacher, because He is on something and whom ever attends his Church they are just as nutty as this crazy man.

  3. mina payne on said:

    Because a Republican[ and/or white guy] financed HIS CHURCH LOAN to remodel or build that NEW CHURCH…………

    and contract obligations, contract restrictions and contract compliance are a MF…. just[saying.

  4. Diana Woods on said:

    I am familiar with Pastor Darryl Scott here in Cleveland, he and his wife are on board with anybody who pays big money! They are all about taking every dime to support their lifestyle on the poor backs of their working middle class congregation. They are NOT Honest as you would expect from somebody claiming to be a man of God.

  5. Did Trump make a large donation to his church ? Probably under another name. Pastor Scott may God have mercy on your soul.You are supporting a pedophile, sexual abuser, liar , evil , deliberately malicious man.

  6. It was only disappointing because Scott would not answer the pointed questions put to him. He did what most republicans do when they don’t want to answer the hard questions – – divert and digress. Martin asked about the pro-Black agenda and Scott digressed to say, “I’m still waiting on Obama.” Really?!! President Obama is no longer in the White House – let’s deal with what’s in front of us currently, everyday. Martin only corrected Scott on issues because those are the only issues Scott wanted to discuss – – previous presidents and acts that were signed voluntarily or under duress. If anything of importance was discussed at the meeting, this was the time for Scott to illuminate on that rather he chose to skirt the issue. When Scott and those like him will legitimately and directly answer questions put to them, then there can be a productive dialog.

  7. The show this morning was disappointing as it was lead into a debate over the facts of what previous president did. The discussion should have been focused on what was discussed at the meeting with President Trump, what actions came out of the meeting, and did the discussion address the concerns of the communities the pastor’s represented. What I got from the show was ‘ hey your statement is not correct I’m gonna correct you’.. Can we get to the point where we actually dialogue on what plagues the community, possible solutions , and what assistance can we get from the current administration. I think the blatant bias against Scott for making the statement that Trump is pro-black prevented any meaningful discussion.

    • Chris on said:

      @MHall – Pastor Scott would not answer any of the questions Roland asked. Don’t try to act as if Scott wasn’t being asked questions about the meeting with trump. Scott was being quite belligerent and you know it. And any time anyone makes false statements on the air with Roland he will CORRECT them! Because he doesn’t want the audience to take those lies as truth – as some would. Those pastors accomplished NOTHING at that meeting. They were told that they COULD NOT ASK any questions. Not ONE went against the grain and insisted on questioning Trump! Dialogue can be had if you are talking with someone who isn’t a total TOOK

  8. These Black Pastors must have their heads up their asses if they CANNOT SEE that CHUMP

    These ministers must be blind to the fact that Chump refuses to call-out his BASE whenever they resort to RACIST tactics, i.e. dialing 911 just for LIVING WHILE BLACK, etc.

    CHUMP is the DEVIL–so who in their right mind would want to sit down with him????????

    Those BP’s are 21st century UNCLE TOM’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. African American Woman on said:

    Leave people alone! I don’t and would never support Trump. He’s the worst thing to happen to EVER…but why do people feel like they own the moral right to tell others what they should/shouldn’t believe, feel or do? If this guy, for some unknown reason, wants to support Trump, let him. People have a right to do what they want.

  10. The Truth on said:

    Money, Money, Money..45 promises instead of GOD PROMISES. People make me sick saying God put him in office.. NO Corrupt man and his Free Will put him there. You Preach All the time GOD IS NOT A GOD OF CONFUSION AND ALL WE GET EVERYDAY IS CONFUSION WITH 45. Y’ALL shall be held Accountable for your Words and your Actions. You No Better and if you don’t God’s NOT IN YOU!!!

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