Inside Her Story: Drop The Charges Against Patricia Okoumou!


Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with the woman who had everyone’s attention on the Fourth Of July, as she climbed the Statue of Liberty.

Patricia Okoumou, went to the Statue of Liberty with her activism group for a protest, with no actual intentions of climbing to statue. The thought crossed her mind a few times in the days leading up to the protest but thoughts are often just thoughts.

“I didn’t know the layout.” She said, “I just went by the grace of God and he led the way.” She was pushed to do so in part because she is outraged by the Trump administration’s decision to use “children for political gain.”

Okoumou’s hearing is later today and there as a petition to have all of the charges against her dropped. You can sign it by clicking here.

Activists Protest Racial Profiling, Arrests Of Black People In Starbucks
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2 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: Drop The Charges Against Patricia Okoumou!

  1. I don’t understand how perching her ass on top of the Statue Of Liberty is going to have any kind of impact on ANYTHING. Except, of course getting her odd-looking mug plastered all over social media. No one can do quietly do anything to help a cause anymore. I guess it doesn’t count unless everyone knows you did it. Instead of dropping the charges, Lady Liberty should have dropped her.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Out of all the important things going on in this world, signing a petition for this fool ain’t one of them…sometimes people have to pay for their own stupidity and dumb actions.

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