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(Photo credit: Twitter @lucymcbath)

Jordan Davis was only 17-years-old when he was shot and killed at a Florida gas station by Michael Dunn for playing his music too loudly.

Six years later his mother, Lucy McBath, has won the Democratic House nomination in Georgia’s Congressional 6th District. Since her son’s murder McBath has, traveled across the country to speak with lawmakers and meet with gun violence survivors and joined Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, driven by her mission to save children from guns.

She was inspired to enter the race after seeing the courage and activism of the Parkland shooting survivors, reports CNN.

“What I began to recognize is that I can keep helping to build this national movement and organize for gun violence prevention,” McBath said. “But you’ve got to have people on the inside that are willing to do the work, creating the bills and initiatives, who will push the issue. You’ve got to have gun-sense champions on the inside. Until I’m able to create real, hard, systemic change, broad change that saves a large number of lives, there’s no justice. We’ve got children dying in the classroom. Where’s the justice in that?” She told CNN.

McBath reportedly defeated business owner Kevin Abel in the runoff election and will now go against Republican Rep. Karen Handel in November. One of the goals for McBath is to become a supporter in Washington for future student activists.

“I’m still a mother. I’m still parenting. That’s why I believed this was the time to stand up,” McBath said.

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13 thoughts on “Jordan Davis’ Mother, Lucy McBath, Wins Georgia House Democratic Nomination

  1. Mac Daddy on said:

    Another single black mother proving they can’t responsibly raise kids. Oh, AND…..wearing weave. Why are we going to put 2+ 2 together and address the underlying issues with our culture?

  2. americanize on said:

    Sorry Lucy McBath,ur son wasn’t killed b/c of gun violence he was killed b/c of racism.Nothing I mean nothing will change about gun laws,you have no choice but to armed yourselves.God Bless the ancestors.

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      Actually, you are wrong, again. He was in extreme violation of the neighborhood noise violation. A citizen asked him politely to turn it down, and Jordan decided he was going to break bad for his boyz. That is where it went off the rails

      • americanize on said:

        Ni**a please,Mac sissy you been having to sex with ur sister and the little brains you have went off the rails.

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        A typical childish, vulgar response, but NOTHING to rebuke the facts that I provided.

      • Every damn thing that you said of this article is a damn lie MD, and the truth isn’t in a dead soul like yours. This young man was raised by both parents, both are professionals black people. He wasn’t showing out for anyone. These kids were minding their own business, and because they didn’t bend to this racist comments, he chased their car, shooting and killing this fine young man. If you’re going to continue being a nuisance, at least stop lying on this site.

  3. Passing Through!! on said:

    I remember when that racist monster shot Jordan because his music was too loud then he went back to his hotel and ate pizza with his girlfriend as if he did nothing more than hit a dog crossing the street. When they locked his sorry as up he had the sick supremacist balls to tell his girlfriend that he was locked with a bunch of animals. But I bet none of those black people he was locked up with murdered a child. Congratulations to Lucy McBath I hope black women will continue to dominate the political sector and keep voting in records numbers.

  4. tedgravely on said:

    I can’t fathom losing a loved one, but especially a child. Jordan has a beautiful mom. Keep fighting Lucy. Folks get out and vote.

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