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HBO today announced among its upcoming documentary slate “3 ½ Minutes, Ten Bullets,” about the shooting death of Jordan Davis by a middle-aged white man over loud music.

Following an angry exchange of words, Michael Dunn fired multiple times into the car where Davis was sitting outside a convenience store.

The film, winner of a Special Jury Prize at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, includes interviews with Davis’ parents, exclusive courtroom footage and recordings of Dunn while detained by police.

Director Marc Silver chronicles the disturbing effects of racial bias and the quest for justice within the judicial system.

In October, Dunn was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

“3 ½ Minutes, Ten Bullets” premieres on Nov. 23.

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(Photo Source:AP)

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7 thoughts on “HBO to Air Documentary About Jordan Davis, Teen Killed Over Loud Music

  1. Putting his vehicle in reverse was the smart thing to do but, it’s apparent that Dunn isn’t too intelligent. His problem is white privilege. He really believed that because he’s a white person that he could murder a black person and get away with it. What wasted life.

  2. jhuf on said:

    How about a documentary on the hundreds of Jordan Davis’s killed by other angry BLACK men since this incident?many of which unlike Mr. Dunn the perp will never be apprehended Guess that doesn’t appeal to HBO’s liberal white guilt

    • Steve on said:

      lol yea cause we know all those jail cells and prisons just filled with white folks booked on mistaken identity…smh

      damn dude your breath must really STINK since you talk out your ass all the time!

      • Well here’s one Parrot that stepped off his perch to deviate from the racial talking points, aren’t those cells suppose to be filled with black drug user’s unfairly sentenced to lengthy terms? speaking of ass someones been blowing smoke up yours

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