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A group of young, Black conservatives on their way to a Make America Great Again “meet-up” at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC claim they were refused service by an Uber driver because of their political views.

“To me, what happened took me back to the 60’s when Black Americans were told they couldn’t sit in the front of the bus, they had to sit at the back of the bus, or eat at the same restaurant, or go to the same school or would be hosed in certain neighbors,” Matthew Handy told CBN News.

“So now we are going to discrimination not based on race but on political standing. We are gonna see people not welcome in places because they are conservative or liberal. So, that is more disturbing to me than any other aspect of this.”

Handy, who’s participating in the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives internship program, said the group had their MAGA hats in their hands when they got in the car and the Uber driver asked, “Is that a MAGA hat? Well, I can’t do this ride.”

He thought the guy was joking, but then the driver repeated, “No, I’m not doing this ride. Get out of my car.

Handy says he contacted Uber to register a complaint and only received a “generic response.”

“It doesn’t seem like, to me, that they are taking this issue seriously and I think they should,” Handy told CBN News. “I think they should look into this situation because it’s discrimination. They should fire this driver. I don’t want free rides, I want action,” he said.

“It caught me by surprise but it didn’t. When you look at Sarah Sanders and with the teenager at Whataburger… but then you’ve got people like Maxine Waters calling for it,” he said.

“The Democrats say, ‘When they go low, we go high,’ and I’m not seeing that at all, when things like Maxine Waters calling, basically, for violence for all supporters and all who work for the president. What she said is not ok. So, when something happens she’s gonna say the blood’s not on my hands but it is because she is the one who initiated it. This is not OK in America.”

Handy is aware that Trump’s own aggressive verbal and tweet attacks are part of the mix but he says none of that matters.

“When you’ve got people coming at you from the left, right, front, back – you’ve got to have your defenses on. You have to be somewhat ahead of the game, ready to defend yourself at all costs. I think he’s defending himself. Is it right how he does it? No. But he’s got to do it,” Handy explained to CBN News.

He also believes there’s a huge double-standard with the liberal and progressive Democrats.

“If I were a Democrat and I was wearing something supporting them and this happened, you’d see all the Black leaders coming to my defense, but you don’t see that happening because I don’t classify myself as a Democrat or a liberal.”

The Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives internship program was founded two years ago and its goal is to “defeat the narrative that the Left pushes out that black people shouldn’t be a part of the Republican party.”

The first year of the program there were eight interns. Now in its second year, there are 18.

Handy acknowledges that there still aren’t many Blacks or other minorities in leadership on Capitol Hill and this program aims at changing that.

“After my experience on the Hill and through this program, it’s inspired me to get out there and get involved and to run for office someday,” he told CBN News.

“It’s been a learning experience. It’s one I’ll carry for a lifetime. My Congressman has been very supportive – Rep. Mike Bost from Illinois’ 12th district has been very helpful,” he said.



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28 thoughts on “Black Conservative Group Angry After Uber Driver Refuses To Transport Them

  1. Mac Attack on said:

    We stand firmly against blacks being discriminated against……except when they have political view different from the plantation. Hypocrites all of you.

  2. stan on said:

    Black democrats as a group will; always be at the bottom, and after reading the comments on this page I’m glad they will always be poor………..and I’m glad for it..

    • African American Woman on said:

      We remain being sitting ducks for anyone and any corporation that uses us for their agendas and financial gain because too many of us keep depending on others to save us. Its the most idiotic and self-defeating way to think, but they keep holding into false hope. We remain at the bottom of every measurable benchmark, yet, that’s ok as long as other black people dont call attention to it, God forbid, gasp! How dare you, you race traitor! So stupid…and you can spot one of these idiots by when you bring up how we are being played; the first thing they do is go well white people do this and white people do that! Who cares what any other group of people do, it’s not going to help us!

    • Chris on said:

      Sorry baby, I’m a life long democrat and have never been poor or at the bottom of anything. And for you to state that shows your ignorance and arrogance. So you are with the right group but that wake up call waiting for you is going to be a bitch sweetie.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        have never been poor or at the bottom of anything
        @Chris…You see the irrational mind state of racist assuming that ALL blacks are poor on the Democratic plantation. What about the poor white trash who supports rich Conservatives like trump who wants to take their health care and public assistance away, rich RepubliKKKans who don’t give a damn about poor people black or white. I’ve never been on the bottom whether there’s been a Republican or Democrat in office.

  3. Passing Trough!! on said:

    To me, what happened took me back to the 60’s when Black Americans were told they couldn’t sit in the front of the bus, they had to sit at the back of the bus
    COONservative you are on the back of the bus with your MAGA hat on. You are still living in the 60’s in fear of what white people believing that they are superior and the only way you can get ahead is by aligning yourselves with racist who hates black people. That’s an inferiority complex in representation of that red cap you’re wearing on your head. A group of black coons in support of trump who has an ALL WHITE cabinet. He didn’t even promote is main house ni**a Ben Carson to a prominent staff position, he fired Omarosa and has appointed 2 white men to the Supreme Court. There is NO room for black people in trumps’s administration or in his world period. He wouldn’t hire not a single one of these boot lickers. And I’m noticing in this picture it appears to be mostly dark skinned sycophants showing their teeth gathered around white masssa. The hat should read “CIST” for Coons In Support of Trump.

    • tedgravely on said:

      Well said. Watching and reading these coontastic comments the past few days is unreal. #45 wouldn’t personally hire any of them to work in his businesses. However, they will shuck and jive like JJ with their toothy grins. Making the rich richer by putting that stupid looking hat on his head. They give you those tired lines and think they are being revolutionary. These fools set us back years. I’m surprised that driver didn’t press on the gas with the door still open.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        @Ted……COONTASTIC!……Lol!…Word of the day. I got to add that one to my dictionary.

      • Mac Attack on said:

        Ted is on here day after day using the same old plantation lines trying to score a piece from one of these nasty azz Ho’s

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        Your every day as well with your same old racist bulls**t but the only difference is you are the ass, a dumb ass.

  4. African American Woman on said:

    Ok, what are these brothers smoking? LMAO…They would have had a better chance of getting a ride dressed in full Klan regalia…Trump is a disgrace to anything human…I would love to ask one why????? This is one of the most ridiculous group I’ve seen…as someone who’s worked for Uber; once I saw those MAGA hats, I would have hit a quick right and took off!

  5. MeaneyMouse on said:

    You’re on the wrong dam team bro. I grew up in the segregated south. I know a thing or two about discrimination. Come over from the dark side. Free your mind and your ads will follow🎅

  6. jenny on said:

    Please don’t mention anything about civil rights when it is your party who is trying to get rid it. Black people want to get along so bad until they can’t see that neither party is for us.

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