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NeNe Leakes claims it was meant to be a light-hearted joke about Eurocentric beauty but it sparked furor among her followers in the comments section on her Instagram page this week.

“Thank you @fabfacesmua for keeping me looking like a white woman whenever I’m in the Bahamas I wish you much success #bahamamomma #thesepeoplecrazy #lovebeingabrowngirl #lifeofnene,” the ‘RHOA‘ star said on July 9 in the caption of a selfie taken on the Caribbean island.

While many were outraged over the comment, NeNe’s defenders noted that the message was punctuated with a sarcastic rolling eye emoji. Still — several fans slammed Leakes for altering her appearance to distance herself from blackness (nose job, blonde hair).

Peep the controversial photo below.

Fan reaction was mixed.

“F— looking like a white woman! You look like your own damn self! BLACK BLONDE & BEAUTIFUL AF! Lol.” wrote one fan.

“Denying your blackness is a sad thing,” said another.

But many questioned: “Are you really trying to look white?”

Leakes backed up two commenters who explained that she was only kidding about “looking like a white woman.”

“There are two types of people in this world….1) Those that speak and understand sarcasm. 2) Idiots!” “@brandisjudge” NeNe said in response.

One fan replied to her: “@neneleakes everybody so damn sensitive these days. It’s like there [sic] waiting on you to say something they don’t agree with so they can throw u under the bus. Anyway, where Gregg at? Tell him to honk the horn on they ass.“

“@flynerd some people just don’t get it,” Leakes replied.

Others caught the joke and called out those who got all riled up over nothing.

“She’s making a joke people DAMN! She’s not saying she wants to look like a white woman, she’s trolling and throwing shade at the people who say that about her.”

Fans have previously reacted to NeNe’s blonde ambition:


Here’s another pic of Nene:

What do you think about Nene’s changing face?



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