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NeNe Leakes claims it was meant to be a light-hearted joke about Eurocentric beauty but it sparked furor among her followers in the comments section on her Instagram page this week.

“Thank you @fabfacesmua for keeping me looking like a white woman whenever I’m in the Bahamas I wish you much success #bahamamomma #thesepeoplecrazy #lovebeingabrowngirl #lifeofnene,” the ‘RHOA‘ star said on July 9 in the caption of a selfie taken on the Caribbean island.

While many were outraged over the comment, NeNe’s defenders noted that the message was punctuated with a sarcastic rolling eye emoji. Still — several fans slammed Leakes for altering her appearance to distance herself from blackness (nose job, blonde hair).

Peep the controversial photo below.

Fan reaction was mixed.

“F— looking like a white woman! You look like your own damn self! BLACK BLONDE & BEAUTIFUL AF! Lol.” wrote one fan.

“Denying your blackness is a sad thing,” said another.

But many questioned: “Are you really trying to look white?”

Leakes backed up two commenters who explained that she was only kidding about “looking like a white woman.”

“There are two types of people in this world….1) Those that speak and understand sarcasm. 2) Idiots!” “@brandisjudge” NeNe said in response.

One fan replied to her: “@neneleakes everybody so damn sensitive these days. It’s like there [sic] waiting on you to say something they don’t agree with so they can throw u under the bus. Anyway, where Gregg at? Tell him to honk the horn on they ass.“

“@flynerd some people just don’t get it,” Leakes replied.

Others caught the joke and called out those who got all riled up over nothing.

“She’s making a joke people DAMN! She’s not saying she wants to look like a white woman, she’s trolling and throwing shade at the people who say that about her.”

Fans have previously reacted to NeNe’s blonde ambition:


Here’s another pic of Nene:

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What do you think about Nene’s changing face?



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6 thoughts on “Does Nene Leakes Want To Look White?

  1. Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

    Actions speak louder than words. It is clear she is transitioning herself to look “whiter”. Anyone can see that. Why? NOBODY want to be associated with the black woman stigma, loud, entitled, trifling, 2 snaps up in YO face shiggidy. That plus men prefer European women. Fact

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