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A black man says he was told to leave the pool at his own apartment complex where he has been renting a unit for more than a year after an off-duty cop working as a security guard demanded he show his exact address.

Shayne Holland told the Indianapolis Star that he was racially profiled when he went to the pool to relax following a workout last Friday. Seated by himself, he was approached by an off-duty police officer working as a security guard at his apartment complex. The woman, seen in a video Holland posted to Twitter, reportedly asked if he lived in the area then asked for his address without identifying herself. He showed her his apartment key, which gives him access to the pool, but declined to give his exact address.

“When she asked where I lived, I said ‘I don’t know you and you haven’t identified yourself, so I’m not just going to give you my address,’” Holland told the Star. The security guard then asked a property manager to confirm Holland’s residency.

Things escalate as Holland continually refuses to give his address before he is told to leave the pool area by the officer. “Why do I have to leave my pool?” he asks the property manager, who replied that he had to go because he declined to answer the guard’s questions.

Watch below:

“Honestly, I don’t want to jump to racism,” Holland told Indianapolis’ ABC affiliate, WRTV, about the encounter. “I don’t want to say she just pointed me out because I’m the only black dude in the pool, but that was the case.”

The company that manages the complex, Barrett & Stokely, addressed the incident on Facebook and said a guard was on site that day after several people had used the pool without being residents and then refused to leave.

See footage from that incident below:

The agency said the property manager seen in Shayne Holland’s video has been placed on administrative leave while it reviews the encounter.

“We are disappointed that we weren’t able to handle this situation in a way in which everyone felt respected and understood,” Barrett & Stokley said in a statement. “We should have communicated with all residents that we would have security on site, who would be asking for proof of residency.”

This, of course, is just the latest in a growing trend of similar incidents, including “ID Adam” in North Carolina who questioned a black woman and her son about using a pool and demanded identification; “Pool Patrol Paula” in South Carolina who is accused of striking a 15-year-old black teen and telling him he didn’t belong at a pool; “Permit Patty” in California who threatened to call the police on an 8-year-old black girl selling water; and “BBQ Becky” in California who called the police on a group of black people having a barbecue at a park.




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18 thoughts on “Black Man Sitting Alone At His Own Apartment Pool Asked To Leave [Video]

  1. TerriJune on said:

    Sad … Sad … Sad. Its always been there and always will. Although much more subtle subterfuge before, nonetheless it existed. This is like waiting for that nonexistent peace in the middle east, it ain’t never gonna happen.

  2. Robert Gillum on said:

    This should not be shocking for US. White people since the beginning of coming to a country already occupied by Native American people have done everything to steal, lie, and kill to maintain what they stole. Those who support it, are the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of racist folk. Pray that people’s heart is changed by the only one who can. God.

  3. Typical. These black devils pull the card 10 times more now than before. I will ask again, where is the article on this racist website of the black women and her black thugs that beat up the hispanic man who was 90 years old and made racists comments? Typical, these devils would blame a white trump supporter.

    • Michael on said:

      @kazimigit33… This is not racist by no means necessary. What city and town or you from spewing your nonsense…

  4. John Devane on said:

    SMALL CLAIMS COURT Gatmy Money back for breach of my lease it works both ways and there is no better time to exercise your basic human rights while using the pockets of white America

  5. Phoenix Rising on said:

    The property manager should be fired for that raggedy sh!t she’s wearing. WTF? Either they weren’t paying her enough or she just couldn’t find another pair of pants to fit her fat nasty raggedy ass.

  6. Ted, that’s what’s pissing them off all the more – they know we are not going to stand for no “steppin fetch it” shit these days, will not lower our eyes and cow tow to them……..Candance was wrong on so many levels. She herself should have acknowledged that he lived there and that would have been the end of it – – but no, in groups they feel empowered. I’ll bet she’s all up in his face when she encounters him one on one………

    • tedgravely on said:

      S.D. you’re correct. You could tell that he knew Candace by the way he called out to her when she walked onto the pool deck. Candace called him by name and he was still kicked out because he didn’t address some mannish looking Security Officer correctly. WTF!! My dad told me long time ago, “never count on anyone to co-sign. Work hard to establish your own credit and cash your own checks.” That man’s check was his $1600 key and he still needed to show additional credentials. Then a sure validation comes along, and Candace refused to co-sign for that brother knowing that his credit rating was over 800. As they say – that there folks is the true nature of white people.

  7. Looks like Chump’s Amerykah is reverting back to 1950’s mentality!!!!!!!!

    I say FINE THESE COWARDICE white folks for calling the cops and reporting BOGUS info on US.

    FINES SHOULD START AT $500.00 for the first bogus call, and increase in increments of the same amount each time they choose to call 911 on BLACK FOLKS WHO ARE JUST LIVING THEIR LIVES!!!!!!!!!

    Cops are wasting previous time investigating this NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Someone’s life could be hanging in the balance as they check out this shit.

    • What about your boy Big bad al sharpton for the tawana brawley hoax? Or inciting race riots in crown heights? or his 4 million in unpaid taxes? Or his white people live in caves speech. racist devil

  8. tedgravely on said:

    WTF is wrong with Candace. She knows the man lives there but still takes him through the ringer. I would fire her behind if she worked for my business. She could have simply told that mannish looking guard that this man is one of our tenants. Then explained to him why they added extra measures at the pool. No, these racists think they can flash their badges and authorities with no impunity. I swear these fools think they can just say anything and black people will bow their heads, lower their eyes and say, “yes em.” Answer me, do as I say, just comply- code words spoken by racist.

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