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Queen Sugar Ep 307 — Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / @2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

As the party goes on, Hollywood can’t hide his joy at making Violet the future Mrs. Desonier. But here’s the thing – she doesn’t want to be Mrs. Desonier. She wants to marry him, but she wants to keep her name. Hollywood can’t understand it. Why is it that he wants to give Vi everything and she doesn’t want it? But at 60, she’s finally coming into herself. So she wants to stay a Bordelon.

It’s Hollywood’s mother who tells him to let it go. She understands completely and she’s on Violet’s side. So, thankfully trouble in paradise has been averted. Hollywood won’t insist on Violet taking his name, and on her side, she’ll concede to the big wedding he wants. We like it when things are OK with Vi and Hollywood.

Charley (Dawn Lyen Gardner) is still struggling with Davis’ (Timon Kyle Durrett) latest betrayal. But again, the wisdom of the elders comes to someone’s rescue. Prosper sees her and tells her that his beloved wife wasn’t his first one! What? He tells her not to get distracted by the past but to look forward to the future. So, when she comes across Romero’s (Walter Perez) number – the  doctor she met a few episodes ago – she finally goes out with him. Fingers crossed for Charley.

But first, there’s the shady Landrys. While Jacob Boudreux (Lea Coca) is trying to get on Charley’s soft side, her investigator has found out something sobering. The Landrys needed that Bordelon land as their parcel surrounds it. The feds want to build a jail in St. Josephine and the Landrys are ready to sell out. What this means for the Bordelons is unclear, but its likely not good. Let’s hope Charley, by selling the mill to the Landrys, hasn’t put the family’s land in jeopardy.

After next week, the show will likely be on its midseason hiatus until fall, so expect some things to move forward. This week, the show righted what was looking like a listing ship. Let’s hope it continues to be as strong as this week’s episode was. Kudos to the writers, the director and the level of acting this week.

Bianca, you’ve got the people’s Emmy for real. Seeing the hurt in her eyes when she asked who Trinh was, was seeing her realize not just what damage she’s done, but how it might look if Ralph Angel moves on without her. I know it’s a long shot, but I still have hope for them.

Until next week, Sugar babies…what did you think of this week’s episode?






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