Rev Al Sharpton: Donald Trump Is a Distraction


Reverend Al Sharpton explains that he feels Donald Trump is a distraction to prevent us from seeing what terrible policies are being put in place right under our noses. Things are being done behind the shadow of Trump acting like a “comedic joke”, and “We must keep our eyes on policy and legislation and not on the theatrics that he distracts us with.”

Hear the full segment above.





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4 thoughts on “Rev Al Sharpton: Donald Trump Is a Distraction

  1. Amanda Harbor Ashe on said:

    I live in a Trump building in Honolulu and the day I moved in Trump was there to show me around. I bought my unit several years ago and Trump was always there to answer any questions I had. He opened up a new world to me and my husband and our three sons. We felt lost but he showed us the way. He is the Lord and is a great husband and President. Our sons love spending time with him in the White House. We Love you Trump!

    • Willie on said:

      @Amanda Harbor Ashe: as a former athlete, who was taught to recognize & respect ur opponents strengths, I have to concede that our current President [Trump] is a great man; one man, who has taken over the Republican Party…….

  2. lois on said:

    OF COURSE Trump is a distraction. Always has been. Rev. Al gave some good examples of this but I hope that the truly woke folks have enough sense to recognize the coded language, dog whistles, and sleights of hand. Trump is not deep at all to fool anyone. Makes you wonder who is really controlling things behind the curtain.

  3. Willie on said:

    Rev. Al Sharpton: In all due respect, the Democratic Party is out of sic….the grass roots Democrats & Independents agree with Trump regarding Mexican & South American Illegal Immigration; no path to citizenship for Dreamers.

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