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 Rachel Dolezal, who now goes by the name Nkechi Diallo, was accused of “1st Degree Theft by Welfare Fraud, Perjury in the 2nd Degree, and False Verification for Public Assistance.” Allegedly, she illegally received $8,747 in food assistance and $100 in childcare assistance from August 2015 to November 2017.

She reported her income to be as low as $500 a month, but court docs from August 2015 to September 2018 say she deposited nearly $84,000 in her account and didn’t report the income to the Department of Social and Health Services. Dolezal is facing up to 15 years in prison. The transracial race faker made an appearance in court yesterday.

It should be no shocker than the woman who lived a life of lies plead not guilty and Dolezal can’t deny her whiteness with this crime. White Americans receive public assistance more than any other racial group. Her trial date is set for September 10. See her appearance in court below:

It has been a hard fall for Dolezal. She was exposed in 2015 as being lily while she was the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) chapter in Spokane, Washington.

Since then, she has  been a pariah and reportedly struggled to find work, but she did land a book deal and a Netflix doc on Dolezal was released earlier this year. She also speaks at schools — clearly not HBCUs — across the country.

It’s going to be some hard times if Rachel goes to the slammer. All of her blonde hair will grow out, she will have no access to a tanning bed and little to no sunlight. Dolezal will be forced right back to her Anglo roots.




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9 thoughts on “WATCH: Rachel Dolezal Pleads Innocent In Welfare Fraud Case

  1. Actually blacks participate in public assistance programs at the highest percentage rates while non-Hispanic whites participate at the lowest rates.

  2. Germaine on said:

    Y’all needs to think a little harder – the “Guest” above in particular- don’t look at straight percentages – look at the base number of each race and the number getting assistance. Think people. I know we can do it!

  3. americanize on said:

    Poor Rac aint fun being black in America,and you can,t even go back to ur own race.Not even ur own parents and ur rapist brother.This is America.

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