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An unarmed Black teen was fatally shot by police during a traffic stop in East Pittsburgh late Tuesday (June 19). The shooting, caught on video by a witness, has already sparked outrage as it becomes one more of several police-involved encounters that turned deadly for people of color this year.

Antwon Rose, only 17 years old, was killed while riding in a car with two other people who police officers stopped on a residential street, a video revealed. The driver was put in handcuffs by officers, according to a press release from Allegheny County Police Department.

Two passengers, including Rose, then exited the vehicle and took off running, and cops fired shots. One person, seemingly Rose, who had his back to the officers, fell to the ground, the video showed.

Rose, a student at Woodland Hills High School in Pittsburgh, was shot three times and taken to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead, police said. A medical examiner identified Rose as the slain victim, with autopsy results pending Wednesday,  WTAE Pittsburgh reported. Police are still searching for the second person who exited the vehicle, they said.

The car was stopped after police believed it matched the description of a vehicle involved in another shooting in neighboring North Braddock, according to police.

Video of the fatal incident has spread on social media after first being posted to Facebook, Heavy reported.

A witness in the video is heard saying, “Why are they shooting at him? … Why are they shooting? All they did was run and they’re shooting at them?”

Police officers approached the vehicle with their guns drawn, a witness told WTAE. The officer who killed Rose was not wearing a body camera, and the police car was not equipped with cameras, Allegheny County police Superintendent Coleman McDonough said. The driver was interviewed by police and later released without charges.

The NAACP has already brought attention to the shooting, which happened in the suburb of East Pittsburgh.

A second video also surfaced that showed a person being carted into an ambulance and receiving chest compressions from a paramedic at the scene.

The unidentified officer who shot Rose was put on paid leave, and the Allegheny County Homicide division is investigating the shooting, WTAE reported.

Several questions will surely be raised in the wake of this fatal shooting of an unarmed Black teen. Social media users are already wondering what are the names of the officers and when that information will be released. The biggest question, perhaps, is why this teen was shot after only running from a vehicle.




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26 thoughts on “Witness Captures Video Of Fatal Police Shooting Of Unarmed Black Teen

  1. wgailb on said:

    When pharaoh saw the children of Israel starting to out number the Egyptians, a decree was sent out to murder the male babies born to the Israelites. Thanks be to THE HEAVENLY FATHER that Moses was born. When King Herod realized that prophesy had been fulfilled and that a King who would save the world from their sins had been born, he sent out a decree to kill all male children under the age of 2. He, not being spiritual, saw it as a threat to his throne. Thanks be to THE HEAVENLY FATHER that OUR LORD AND SAVIOR AND REDEEMER JESUS THE CHRIST was born. satan has used this same tactic for centuries. Unfortunately he has succeeded because he has had willing vessels to use. Now we find ourselves in a situation where the so called Anglos have been told that soon they will be a minority. Thru their perverted laws and out of fear, they have conspired to and are getting away with murdering young males and men of color. The question that remains is how long are we going to allow them to terrorize our children and what are we going to do about it?

  2. head negro in charge on said:

    It’s put black Americans
    In their place.
    The communist republicans
    Don’t want no people of color
    To have
    1.attend the same colleges. for IBM or Google.
    3.have a discelplened educated family.
    4.have a fine home.
    5.have two fine cars.

    • prerog on said:

      That means a war is occurring and I am on the Black side as I am Black. Do not worry, WWIII will be erupting in Europe very soon. that will hold their asses.

  3. Regardless of why police stopped the vehicle the law says they are innocent until proven guilty. No police cameras, no body cameras, here we go again! If it wasn’t for the lady in the window ain’t no telling what story police would have come up with to cover for each other. I thought there was a law that said police or anybody else can’t shoot a fleeing suspect, because they no longer pose a threat if they did pose a threat to begin with. So that should be enough to charge the cop with a crime. If I shoot somebody in the back fleeing from my house after they robbed me I bet I would get charged with a felony regardless of their robbery actions against me. This ‘I felt threatened BS is just that, BS! So ‘Why did he run if he wasn’t guilty of something’ you might ask: Because, sadly these days police are known to shoot unarmed people while they are seated (Philando Castile), lying face down on the pavement (Oscar Grant), standing with their hands in the air (Micheal Brown) or running away (Walter Scott). These days a black man has to decide how he might want to die during a police stop if it comes down to his last minutes alive. These boys chose to run for it! It hurts my heart to see this stuff go down like this.

  4. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    BAW has an article that is incomplete and missing information. This has been updated and even the police department has stated that “two semiautomatic firearms were recovered from the floor of the vehicle…..So stop saying there were no guns and he didnt do anything wrong he was in a car that had just opened fire and struck someone earlier. …………..Thats the story everytime with these situations “he aint do nuffin”………..GTFOH ………as I said he was responsible for his own actions!!! As someone else stated …..what if he was armed and hurt and killed someone else trying to get away …………would there be outrage……….no……………! Be Responsible Be In Control…… not put yourself in the situation to begin with!!!!!!

  5. Honestly on said:

    The cave n!@@er with a badge made a conscious choice to murder that kid. Yet a cave n!@@er in Orlando Fla. shoots a cop in the head and takes four children hostage in an apartment complex and the response, wait him out while he murders the four kids then enter the building. These feral mayonnaise monkeys should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  6. jhuf on said:

    Dam!! 3 for 3 that time on the range paid off, the article didn’t lead with “white cop shoots UA black teen” so I wonder what the officers race was this one does have the look of excessive force, I would like to know what motivated the 2 teens to flee and the officer to fire, it also troubles me that there was no cameras

  7. If it was believed that this vehicle was involved in an earlier crime and the young man attempting to run was armed, I could see taking him down, because if he got away, he could harm someone else. But why shoot an unarmed young man who was fleeing, whom they could very easily identify and apprehend later? Just senseless.

  8. No where in this article did they say there were guns found on anyone in the vehicle. The only persons with guns were the police. They were stopped because it was “believed” that this vehicle was involved in another shooting. However, since they let the driver go, there must not have been much of anything found in the vehicle.

  9. Some folks seem to ALWAYS blame the victims when they are African American and the cops are white.

    They focus on the victim’s behavior or interaction with the PIGS.
    They never see there is ANYTHING WRONG with the damn RACIST COPS!!!!!!!


    • prerog on said:

      You are right and please support the Nation of Islam so that we can get a huge chunk of this land for our own nation.

  10. Perry on said:

    Responsibility in Control, you are a fool! No one deserves to be shot a killed for running. How in the hell are you a risk to anyone with your back turned to them. You are neither a responsible for person, nor are you in control of anything.

  11. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    It was the choice of this young man to run from the car. No one made him run, it was his decision to be in the car with weapons to begin with. He was responsible for his own decisions, he was in control of his own actions. Sadly he doesnt get a second chance to think about just staying in the car and not running.

    • Not happy about these shooting's on said:

      The person they had in custody was released, and nothing was said about any weapons found in the get the facts right first before responding.The officer made a choice by shooting someone unarmed running from him now we’re is the threat in that.

      • ResponsibilityInControl on said:

        Actually I am right and you are wrong the police department has stated that “two semiautomatic firearms were recovered from the floor of the vehicle”………..same car this young man ran from….same car that was reportedly firing at someone else………… Its crazy how everyone is upset over this however not upset over black on black crime. Had these young men killed the person they were shooting at or killed by the same person that returned fire at them …….then what no story………..Get Real….this young man had a choice and it was the wrong one!!!!!!!

  12. Shooting an UNARMED kid in the back is just plain MURDER.

    I applaud the witness who videoed this entire incident.
    However, that person’s life may NOW be in jeopardy.
    PIGS don’t like WITNESSES –THEY often make them VANISH!!!!!!!!!

    Pittsburgh PIGS are POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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