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JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. (AP) — Kanye West headed to the mountains to debut his new album, “YE.”

The rapper held a listening party in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on Thursday night. He flew in celebrities, industry heavyweights and journalists to hear the seven tracks.

Kim Kardashian West joined her husband, who was introduced by comedian Chris Rock.

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The short tracks cover a range of subjects, including his recent declaration that slavery was a choice. He rapped that Kardashian West called “screaming, saying we’re about to lose it all,” fearing the criticism from the statement.

Nicki Minaj is among the artists appearing on some of the tracks.

Pusha T, Jonah Hill and Big Sean gathered around bonfires to hear West’s first album since 2016’s “The Life of Pablo.”

West told a radio interviewer that he was diagnosed with a mental disorder at age 39. As you may remember West was rushed to a hospital after a meltdown during The Life of Pablo tour. That tour was cancelled.

“I had never been diagnosed until I was 39,” West told L.A. radio host Big Boy. He described, without giving the condition a specific name that he has a “mental condition.”

“But like I said on the album, it’s not a disability, it’s a superpower,” he told him.


Given everything Kanye has said and done lately, do you still care about his music?

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17 thoughts on “Kanye Holds Listening Party In Wyoming, Admits to Mental Disorder

  1. NO ONE CARES!!!!! STOP TRYING TO PUSH STORIES ABOUT KANYE ON US. On another note, what matters to me is that he and Trump are posturing for a Trump/Kanye run in the upcoming election or to have Kanye as a member of his cabinet. Kanye’s reputation for being a douche, has to be fixed though and they will fix it.

    Kanye was silent for months, then surfaced to recognize Trump as his brother, and to be seen with the MAGA hat on. The next week, his wife Kim meets with Jared and Ivanka, supposedly to talk about a criminal justice reform case. Something people really can’t hate her for, but something that she has never expressed any interest in before. If fact, she has never previously expressed any political interests.

    Last week Kim announced that she would be meeting with the president. She then came back and talked about how Trump (listened and how nice he is. A Kanye run would help to break down the existing Democrat coalition. It’s a powerful strategy, even though it will not work due to the personalities of the two men involved. I don’t care to hear from Kanye.

    • Passing Through! on said:

      trump is a hard core racist who would never align himself with a black man no matter how much of a boot licker he is. I’m sure the other racist in his cabinet would strongly advise against him joining forces with a mentally-I’ll black rapper with a porn star wife who’s been ran through by a tribe of ni**as. Kanye is married to someone white he has ZERO chance of ever getting in the white house. The closest he’ll ever get to the white house is that Kardashian plantation he currently resides on.

  2. Really on said:

    You are definitely mental if you sit a degrade and minimize slavery to a choice. He a slave too in the head he’s just to dumb to see it. Slave to trying to achieve the black mans prize if all things white. It don’t support him or any of these other ignorant negroes. Blacks are the only ones to tear down their own that’s why we never get anywhere.

  3. Justbeingme on said:

    I I was never a fan of Kanye. But as far his outbursts I may not like it . I don’t know if it’s do too his mental illness or him just being an ass. But Iam no doctor so I can’t diagnose him. But I do see that he is spiriling out of control and if he does have a mental illness I hope he continues to seek help not only for himself but for his children. Because mental illness is running rapid in the blk communities and is not being taken seriously or being treated. People are on the streets hurting people or getting hurt out Killed themselves because there is not enough people who cares or not enough things being done to help them. So I hope he is getting the help he needs so he can stop saying I got any things.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Kanye’s mental-illness will be hard to treat because his bipolar disorder is lace with Grandiose Narcissism. He believes that supporting a racist and marrying a white whore makes him a so called “free thinker.” In his twitter rant he said he fired his manager because he can’t be managed which means he’s probably not listening to his doctor either. He said that he and trump are both dragon energy, basically he identifies with trump because they share common mental illness traits. He’s see’s himself in trump he now believes that he can become president too. And just like that fool in the white house his dumb black ass will self-destruct as well. You’re a black man trying to follow in the footsteps of a white racist not the successful black president, but he wants to follow the playbook of a tyrant, an idiot son of a KKK. This will be his ultimate down fall he’s already unhinged and the Kardashian’s will help him right off the cliff. He has not one sound black person in his circle right now, and the blacks entertainers and rappers who have reached out to him he’s shut them out. Yes, he’s trying to do what the white man does but he will soon learn that his outcome will be a lot different.

  4. Zerkeise on said:

    Everyone knew Kanye had an illness long ago. So why do you seem confused.
    Wow…some of you who do not have an illness are more confusing…..hhmmmm…. not sure…. Support/Attack: black people, black music, black cities, black mental illness, black celebrities, black children of God, rich black people, or non-black people ?

  5. Ted Gravely on said:

    No. No way. Who would have guessed? How can people (specifically black people) continue to support this idiot? These entertainers are not God. More importantly, they show you everyday in every way that they don’t care about you. They marry who they want, and don’t give back to the community. We have to be mindless to continue to buy anything with their likeness. I stopped getting subscriptions to magazines because they keep shoving these idiots down our throats. Ridiculous.

  6. Passing Through!! on said:

    And who in the hell has a listening party in Jackson Ass-Hole Wyoming? Surrounded by nothing but whites folk. Let them buy his music.

  7. Passing Through!! on said:

    I stopped supporting him a long time ago but he lost my respect when he married that whore. Kanye hasn’t been s**t since that first album when he made real conscious music and he had a black fiancé, that’s the Kanye that said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Mostly all his music is trash and rant albums. We can see the derailment of his career as his star power grew. He dumped the classy black girl and downgraded to a lesbian stripper, trash Amber Rose and later downgraded further to Kim K. The black conscious Kanye is dead, what we have now is a Hollywood, conservative coon in the depth of mental illness who has sold his soul. And being married to a media whore with an ego just as big and as sick as his doesn’t help his illness. If black people are stupid enough to give some fool your money who told you that “you chose to be a slave” and professing his love for a racist in the white house than shame on you. Some were talking about a petition to boycott, we don’t need a petition because we are the petition, don’t buy his s**t!

    • americanize on said:

      Damnnn Passing Through you knocked this one out the park.All coons have a mental illness,correct me if I,m wrong but white kids are the ones who really support him,chalk koonye to the game.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        You see his listening party is in Wyoming, there are no black people in Wyoming. I guess he’s trying to cater to the trumpsters with this album. And I agree Americanize, ALL coons have some form of mental illness/trauma. What sane black person supports a system of racism that oppresses them. But I guess since he’s made it to international fame and scooped him a white porn star whore of a wife he feels like black doesn’t apply to him.

    • Exactly PT. I do my own boycotting. I have a list of businesses from decades back, and it’s growing daily. When I hear any negative complaints I inform family, friends, and anyone interested not to support them. The only way to hurt a white man, is to shrink that wallet. That’s where his heart is. Will sell their mothers for it. Get smart, they don’t want your business, simple, stop giving it to them. They’d all go broke if I had my way.

  8. I think we as black people are too forgiving especially of these so called genius entertainers!!!! Kanye, R. Kelly and several others should be held accountable for their actions !!!!!He may have a mental illness but why attack your own ? It maybe just me but I will not support Kanye !!! I feel that he knows exactly what he does!!!!

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