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The rumors and whispering that have been swirling for months about whether Kenya Moore would be fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta for her alleged deceit might be accurate.

According to sources who spoke to Straight From the A, Moore has officially had her coveted peach snatched.

The Detroit-born beauty queen has reportedly been caught in a web of lies that have worn thin with Bravo execs. She enraged RHOA producers last summer when she wed businessman Marc Daly in an ultra-private Caribbean-style ceremony and failed to inform her employers about it, nor did she invite Bravo honchos or her castmates to the island event.


Furthermore, many RHOA fans are currently debating about whether Moore is even pregnant or if she’s pretending to be as a way to manufacture a storyline and remain employed by Bravo.

According to Straight From the A, when the cast assembled for a “mandatory cast meeting” for season 11, Moore was not present.

“Kenya’s lie was outed about a week ago, when season 11 peach holders and friends assembled for a mandatory cast meeting. Moore was not in attendance and when asked about her absence, it was confirmed that she wasn’t invited back,” the report says. “I’ve heard that Kenya may possibly be relegated to ‘friend’ status, but her pride probably won’t allow that.”

So far, the cast members who have been invited back include Cynthia Bailey, Nene Leakes, Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams. Eva Marcille, who is currently in the “friend” status, as well as part-timers Marlo Hampton and Shamea Morton could claim Moore’s peach and get bumped up to full-time players on the series.

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11 thoughts on “Has Kenya Moore Been Fired From ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta?’

  1. Girl bye! Never liked her to begin with! Wasn’t she told last season that she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant, even by invetro (not sure if I spelled that right)!

    She is a little old and your chances of getting pregnant and the baby being healthy is slim, but her husband has enough money to adopt an infant!

    Just something to think about!

  2. The only reason I watched the show was because of Kenya. She did beat the odds. She was abandon by her mother. She was educated, crowned Ms. USA, and a person that spoke about abuse. Dam she was the typical dumb black woman that had nothing going for herself. Bravo you have lost a fan.

  3. George on said:

    This bitch ain’t nothing but a drama queen. For Christ’s sake she’s 47 years old and acts like she’s 35 trying to conceive children. What a f****** joke. Please find something more interesting to report about. She’s a real joke

  4. kneesee23 on said:

    Kenya bought in the ratings. She’s probably the ‘fall-guy’ for causing KKKim Blubbermouth to loose her position after crying on Andy’s shoulder for being beat up by the 5 black girls. I’m hoping that Kenya stays. If ya’ll want her gone, then stop begging BRAVO to bring that fake-ness Phadrea back ! She’s a liar who tried to literally destroy a women’s brand & career. If Kenya did lie, she only lied on ‘herself’..which didn’t hurt no-body but herself ! #hyprocrites

  5. head negro in charge on said:

    Well let’s move forward.
    She’s got a husband.
    He’s gotta find her a gig.
    And a UGO to drive.
    Range Rover is for
    Working people.
    I wonder does she
    Have any endorsements
    To help with money.

  6. Jacqueline Colbert on said:

    Good riddance. Get rid of her. She is not pregnant. She will claim to have had a miscarriage along the way to keep her job. She is a liar. All them T.H.O.T.S need to checkout.

  7. M. Rivers on said:

    Sadly bravo executives dont care about the lies she had always said.. They just want ratings.. Im sure they dont know the meaning of honesty either..As long as Kenya brings ratings up she can fabricate,lie,make up and paid someone for any story she the end is not Kenya fault its bravos executives lack of honesty and professionalism

  8. Not surprised at all. Who gets married in secret when all she’s talked about in almost ALL of the seasons she’s been on the show is getting married and having children. Had she really been married, she would have shouted it on the rooftop and invited any and everyone, friend or foe to her wedding. He personality wouldn’t allow her to do it in secreacy. She is a total liar and she is getting back what she did to Phaedra. She couldn’t wait to call her out for her “lies”, when exactly one year later, she too has been caught in a huge lie. She lost her peach, becasue she is boring and has no storyline and had to resort to lying about a marriage and now a pregnancy. Girl…BYE!!!

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