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When Kenya Moore posted the above photo of her out with her husband Marc Daly, fans were quick to join the ‘RHOA’ cast in accusing the former model of faking her pregnancy.

Moore announced she’s expecting her first child during the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion, but her costars were skeptical then and most especially now that she posted a pic, now deleted, offering a glimpse of what’s supposed to be a baby bump.

“Kenya didn’t look pregnant; all of the ladies have had kids and they totally didn’t believe her,” an insider told RadarOnline at the time of the reunion taping. “No one really believes Kenya is pregnant and the producers think that she said she was pregnant in order to get signed up for the next season. This was a last-ditch effort to get a contract.”

And the cyberspace agrees with the insider, as many are serving Kenya an epic beatdown on Twitter and Instagram for possibly faking being pregnant in order to secure that coveted ‘RHOA’ peach for another season.




“You should be showing or close to delivery by now,” a fan posted on Twitter.

After Kenya asked what she should name a potential RHOA spin-off, one Twitter user said, “Pregnot,” to mean that she is not pregnant.

Another wrote, “Can’t believe people are falling for another of Kenya lies…”

One commenter noted, “I thought you were pregnant? Oh, I get it #TryingToStayRelevant.” Another person asked, “Where is the pregnant belly?”

Moore’s followers also questioned the whereabouts of Daly’s wedding ring.

Kenya quickly shut it down by adding on her Instagram page: “#DateNight with bae (Bae’s ring is on the table thank you for asking).” However, Moore had nothing to say about her slowly-inflating baby bump.

Kenya captioned the photo with “If I did a spinoff what would you name it????? Enter below ***One rule: has to have “Kenya” in the title**** #actor #producer #writer #director #bossmoves #talent.”

As Kenya and Marc allegedly get ready to welcome their bundle of joy in late 2018, they will also soon be hitting another major milestone. The couple will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on June 10.




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17 thoughts on “Is Kenya Moore Faking Her Pregnancy? Social Media Thinks So

  1. Tracy on said:

    I want to see her real stomach not photos with her clothes on she can buy a fake baby bump I’m just saying. She faked her pregnancy before.

  2. WhoDatNation on said:

    I hope she’s not lying about this but she does have a history of lying. She lied about a relationship with Walter & when he didn’t go along with her fake marriage storyline, she lied and said he wss gay.

  3. Susie Q on said:

    I hope that she is pregnant so she can SHUT UP!! Her biological clock is not ticking it had tocked !! I feel bad for Mark Daly cause if she is, he gonna be stuck with her crazy butt for the next 18 years, LOL. She think she is the next hot thing to sliced bread. I’m surpriseed it took her conceited butt this long to even get married or pregnant. God bless them both cause they’re going to need it.

  4. CLeach on said:

    OMG! Folks stop showing all this hate. None of you are paying the welfare of her baby if she is pregnant! We got enough hate and foolishness with these crazy ass white folks, now you allow yourselves to be bullies as well?!?! In this era, Black people…if you don’t have anything positive to say, Shut the F Up! Too unreal!

  5. She looks like me when I was 6 months. I did not get a large stomach until the end of my 7th month. People really need to get a life. Why are you so invested in why she is married and if her pregnacy is fake or not. The entire show is fake and scripted. Next season what ever character that departed from the previous season will return. This reality show is scripted.

  6. Chastity on said:

    Get rid of her!! All she does is lie. She is not married or pregnant. She lied about her dog dying. She “rented” men to make it seem like she was in relationships. This is why her aunt is not on the show anymore. She got tired of Kenya’s many lies.

  7. Beatrice Brown on said:

    Well when we don’t see no baby 9 months from the date she told that lie then we’ll all know what the deal is !!!

  8. 804ridgeway on said:

    Leave that woman alone,or you all jealous. Black people be happy for each other,ok. STOP IT!!!!🤔🤔😗

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