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MILWAUKEE (AP) — Milwaukee police have released body camera footage Wednesday from the officers who used a stun gun on NBA Bucks guard Sterling Brown, the younger brother of Shannon Brown, during a January arrest.

The release comes as city officials who’ve viewed the videos have expressed concern about how officers conducted themselves. Three officers were ultimately disciplined in the incident.


Brown was arrested in a Walgreens parking lot about 2 a.m. Jan. 26. Officers had been checking on a vehicle parked across two handicap spaces. Brown was not charged. Police have shown the body-camera footage to some local officials, including a closed session of a Common Council committee.

The Milwaukee Bucks signed the 6-foot-6 guard from SMU last summer in a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers.

The video represents another potential setback for a department that for years has tried to rebuild its image and relationship with Milwaukee’s black residents after several high-profile cases of police misconduct.

A day before releasing the body camera footage, Chief Alfonso Morales posted a video on YouTube to reiterate his commitment to rebuild the public’s trust in the department.



“So if there’s ever an incident where one of our members makes a mistake, unnecessarily escalating a situation, I’m going to be honest and transparent about it,” he said. “In those incidents, where we have made mistakes and are wrong, I’m sorry.”

Morales was appointed chief in February, following the retirement of Edward Flynn, who held the position for 10 years.

Last year, Milwaukee paid $2.3 million to settle a lawsuit over the death of Dontre Hamilton, a mentally ill black man fatally shot by a police officer after the officer roused him from a park bench downtown. The officer said he shot Hamilton 14 times in self-defense because they got into a struggle when the officer frisked him for weapons.

In 2016, the city paid $5 million to settle a lawsuit by 74 black residents who said police illegally strip-searched them between 2008 and 2012. Currently, the city is considering settling a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union in Wisconsin, which is representing eight residents who say police targeted them for stops simply because they were black or Latino and the high-crime areas where they lived.

In early May, police and prosecutors began investigating four officers who were involved in the violent arrest of a black man in a majority African-American neighborhood. Video from a bystander showed a group of officers kicking and punching the man on the ground while he was restrained. Police presented their body camera footage of the encounter, which showed the man aggressively charging at officers and trying to punch them.

We will update with video as soon as it’s available. 

PHOTO: NBA.com Screenshot




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22 thoughts on “Video Of NBA Player’s Arrest In Milwaukee Released [FULL VIDEO]

  1. Racists cops job is 2 ecalate so that there is a physical altercation…. Then come charges of resisting arrest… Now you’re in the system. Why do u think like-minded cops were dispatched? Circled him like a pack of dogs yelling at him, to get mob all riled up. This man is lucky 2 walk away with his life… The intent was 2 get the reaction out of him that would have ultimately have gotten him killed

  2. I see that fake ass prez hasn’t commented on how the fake ass cops roughed up that young man over a parking violation. If it was a white man these fake cops wouldn’t have done shit.

  3. Yeah the stadiums are packed with white ppl watching these blk athletes play sports. But they really can’t stand them. Sad and pathetic. For that ignorant fake prez to say If you don’t stand for the anthem u shouldn’t be in this f**ked up country. F him and his fake ass comments.

  4. Really on said:

    Unpatriotic does that include collusion with Russians or just not standing for the anthem. There are some hard decisions to be made on that for some i guess. Now someone is saying if you dont stand you should not be in the country. If I’m not mistaken that’s how dictators talk that’s how it starts.

  5. Eddie on said:

    Pro Athletes are (paid slaves ) anyway ..the NFL owners (master) just said yall better stand for national anthem !!!! BOY !!!!!

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Paid slaves? A slave making multi millions of dollars. If that’s the case then most black people are slaves working for white corporations. I’d be a pro athlete slave signing a 10, 20 or 30 million dollar contract. Magic Johnson, Labron James, Shaquille O’neal to name a few are all successful entrepreneurs and business men because they invested their slave money wisely and bought their freedom. The only slaves are the dumb ni**as who marry and breed with white women and end up giving their money right back to the white man or the idiots who manage to blow millions of dollars and end up with nothing to show at the end of their career.

      • Eddie on said:

        i hope you understand that 74% of black pro athletes are BROKE 3 to 5 yrs after playing ..over half that are married , their wives are white or Hispanic ..Therefore the money goes back to Master. You may can name a few that made it but a few slaves made it to freedom also..”Slavery is a state of mind as well as a state of being ” ..

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        A slave mentality will always keep you broke no matter much money you have. That doesn’t surprise me looking at where the majority of black athletes come from. Most of them come from poverty and have no money management skills their easily distracted by and fall victim to non black ho’s putting ass in their face. The first thing they do when the become rich is by a bunch of material b.s and purchase a white/ethnic white bi**h to go along with it. If you’re too stupid to buy your freedom then deserve to lose your money.

  6. americanize on said:

    Mr. Brown ur lucky to be alive,2:00 in the morning a dozen race soldiers ur lucky you could have been killed for a fucking parking ticket.No black person in America is exempt from the white supremacist even you azz kissing,booth lickin coons.Just in case you don.t know,ur in a race war.

  7. S.D. on said:

    …..and jhuff, he will ultimately win that pissing contest at taxpayers’ expense, so you can take your dumb ass comment and go back to your incest-bred relstives in the trailer park and sit down.

    • jhuf on said:

      Maybe he will maybe he won’t in any event I’m sure it won’t be at the expense of your section 8 EBT or WIC allotment “race war “ sh!t have you seen the body count in Chicago so far this year? If it is a war all one side has to do is sit back and let the other side annihilate itself

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        What’s the white mass shooter body count? Or the Opioid count? Probably not too far behind Chicago.

  8. jhuff on said:

    so rich black boy didn’t think the rules applied to him and felt like he was in charge of the situation vs cops practicing their male pissing contest skills, never a good combination

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      so rich black boy
      Black boy? But you keep pretending like you’re black but you’re too stupid to hide your blatant racism.

  9. ted gravely on said:

    I hope he bankrupts the city. A parking ticket – a stupid parking ticket. Officer wanted to escalate. This is another reason why people don’t respect the police. What time was it? It’s just a parking ticket or a warning. Calling for backup and how many so called officers showed up? Ridiculous racism is a b)&@:.

  10. Melvinowens on said:

    This is typical behavior for white cops who encounter black males, that all white officers view as a criminal. They give no black males the benefit of the doubt

      • Gigi on said:

        Yep,I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t know when these black folks will learn they don’t love you they don’t like you they don’t want you in their hood they want you to disappear from the earth. But they’ll take that money.

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