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Black women and hair loss is unfortunately a common pairing. This is largely due to wearing hairstyles like weaves, wigs and braids. However, there are also Black women who suffer from forms of alopecia that don’t necessarily correlate to their hairstyle choices.

On the latest episode of the Facebook talk show Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett-Smith opened up about her frightening battle with unexpected hair loss.

There was a time when hair loss was associated more with natural aging than hair styles, but the widespread popularity of weaves and wigs led to an increase. Traction alopecia, where hair loss begins with edges, has become increasingly common.

Pinkett-Smith recently opened up about her hair thinning on the most recent episode of her new talk show Red Table Talk, with her mother and her daughter.

During the discussion, she shared that handfuls of her hair started falling out while in the shower. She also revealed that was the reason behind the edgy short haircut that she debuted on social media a few months ago. Pinkett-Smith has sought medical attention, but says doctors have turned up no definitive reason.

With hair loss on the rise whether you have alopecia as a result of your hairstyling choices or it’s a medical condition or it’s hereditary, the shame associated with it can be worse than the condition itself.

This shame accounts for a very profitable business of hair restoration products, including oils, creams, treatments and hair masks that promise to restore your hair to its crown and glory.

Some traction alopecia cases can fortunately be reversed, but traditional alopecia sufferers are often not so lucky—and that can be a hard pill to swallow. In a world where women are often taught to equate their beauty with the length, texture, style and color of their hair, living with permanent hair loss can be very difficult.

Jada Pinkett-Smith acknowledged this in her discussion, but she also foud the positive in such a sensitive situation. She expressed that if the higher power chose for her to lose her hair, in the grand scheme of things, it’s really a small price to pay when you consider the other serious issues she could be suffering from.

As a woman, specifically a Black woman, your journey and relationship with your hair is your own. If all else fails, simply wrap your head up in a colorful scarf and be the  beautiful queen you are.





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