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A piñata maker out of Minneapolis is apologizing for leaving black piñata figures that he made out on his front porch, according to KFGO

The piñatas were made for a multicultural wedding according to Victor Chavarria the owner. He says that he hung them on his porch to dry after painting them. He didn’t realize the message that the figures hanging were sending.

People were outraged as a photo of the figured hanging went viral on Facebook. Worried about the potential backlash, Chavarria called the police and asked for extra patrol officers.

An immigrant from Mexico, Chavarria is trying to start his own piñata business from his home in Minneapolis. He’s stated that he will no longer put his piñatas out to dry on his porch. The wedding order for the piñatas has been canceled.



(Source: KFGO)

(Photo Credit: Twitter)

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18 thoughts on “Minneapolis Man Apologizes For Black Piñatas Hanging On His Porch

  1. SheCat54 on said:

    Our skin isn’t black it’s brown and beautiful. Why would God create a human with black skin? We all turn black when we die. Mexican are tan not brown, peckerwoods figured that out that’s why they choose to be orange.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Lol…i was kinda shocked when I saw the pictures, but when I read that they were black pinatas, I BOL’d…let it go folks…there are way more important matters at hand.

  3. Tiana Nonbasic on said:

    All racist people should move to Antarctica or the North Pole somewhere and live Happily ever after Because we are taking over and not going any where.

  4. Phoenix Rising on said:

    Chavarria, an immigrant from Mexico. WTF? Hanging sh*t like that from the rafters in the front of the house. How utterly tacky, stupid and a disgrace. If he knows what we all know, he better get with the program because whitey don’t want him in the neighborhood either. He’s considered a criminal, thug and rapist from Mexico. Someone should have TP’s his house under the cloak of darkness.

  5. This turd knew exactly what he was doing when he hung his piñata’s on his porch.
    Damn people are getting ridiculous with this s–t!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take your dumbass back across the border where you belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. JustbeingmeI on said:

    He knew what he was doing. Yes we should be hurt who in the he’ll orders piñatas made to look like black peoples that is not ok and yes it’s a big deal why should we keep putting up with things like this and white people trying to excuse it. We are worried about other things. But we are addressing this racist issue now.

  7. Passing Through!! on said:

    I think we should stop reacting to these kind of push button tactics, most incidents like this aren’t simply accidental. It’s way too much racial mess in the media for people not to understand what they’re doing.

    • Leslie on said:

      Yes! He knew exactly what he was doing, and if he didn’t, he certainly should have. We need to stop giving these idiots ANY time in the spotlight, because all that does is provide fuel for the other little idiots who don’t have anything else going on in their pathetic lives, and are looking for a few seconds to shine.

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